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    Seattle anti-gunners reveal 2019 agenda and OC is mentioned

    What are their plans for Article 1 Section 24? I doubt they won't go after that, not if they are going this far to strip our rights.
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    Saw an OCer at Go 4th Longview...was it any of you?

    So I was on the walkway bridge on my way to get some lunch, and I saw a bald guy walk past me OCing. Wondering if it was any of you. I was the guy with the large tied up Betsy Ross American flag in red shirt if you did happen to catch a glimpse.
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    Calling businesses before OCing.

    So, I recently was added by a friend to the Texas Longarm OC Facebook page, and recently their thing has been to call businesses ahead of time and ask to see if it was alright to OC at their stores. Now, the main issue I have with this is that it MAY preemptively cause stores and corporations to...
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    Had to draw today!

    So today was an interesting day: There was a 2 on 1 beating going on in my yard, so I went to look to see what was going on. It LOOKED like one of the people had been using something as a weapon, so I went back inside and grabbed my gun, then went back outside and ordered them off my lawn...
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    OC at Conventions?

    Well this coming August is a Star Trek convention in Seattle, and I feel like dressing up. Has anyone here ever OC'ed to a (insert genre here) Convention without hassle? I know that there are a lot of people that dress up and have prop guns, I was just wondering if anyone here has had an issue.
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    M1Gunner: Gators Guns in Kelso needs flyers.

    Hey sorry to draw attention like that Bill, but I've been trying to get in touch with you and tell you that Gator's Guns in Kelso WA is wanting to get in touch with you about some flyers. I figure if you're not available, I'd send out this general message to all my fellow OCers as well. Anyways...
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    Ot: Enough!

    Look.... I've been coming to these boards since 2009, and lately I've noticed a string of threads that deal with things other than Open Carry. Some of you know who I am referring to, and it just needs to stop. We know that the Government is trying to pass Gun Control laws and various other...
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    OT: Rob McKenna to visit Kelso for campaign stop.

    So Rob McKenna will be visiting my town tomorrow. Lucky for me, he will be right around the corner from my friend's computer shop, so I'll probably be there to gather my support. Anyone from SW gonna be there as well? We could probably have lunch afterwards. Last time I had lunch with a fellow...
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    OTish: Emergency Ordinance backfires for Gun Rights in WA...?

    http://www.realityclarkcounty.com/2012/06/22/emergency-ordinance-backfires-on-gun-rights/ "Emergency Ordinance Backfires on Gun Rights! June 22, 2012 By RCCadmin Story by: Lynda Wilson and Licentia Diligo The Second Amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be...
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    OTish: Got a new piece today: HiPoint 40 S&W

    Well, decided to add to my growing collection of Firearms today. Went in to my local Gun shop and bought me a Hi Point 40 S&W. VERY Comfortable in the hand, and of course a few steps ahead of my 380 in terms of caliber. Now, some of you MAY rag on me about choosing the Hi-Point brand, but as...
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    OTish:Kelso Longview Daily News- When does the law justify shootings?

    Well, saw this in my local paper... I don't know if the Clark County Chief Prosecutor is right or not in this instance, but I had assume that the Stand Your ground law specifically stated that we have the right to defend our lives, our family's lives, and our personal property, not to mention...
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    Kelso Theater Pub 9.41.300 sign...

    So tonight, me and a couple friends went to the Kelso Theater Pub to watch a movie, and while standing outside in the line, I noticed in the ticket window a sign saying Firearms are Prohibited under RCW 9.41.300. Thing is, the KTP isn't designated as a bar, since Minors are allowed in the...
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    OTish: Teens detained after Longview paintballl spree

    http://tdn.com/news/local/article_2407f078-9c6a-11e0-8e40-001cc4c03286.html "Longview police detained two 16-year-old boys who admitted to shooting paintballs at homes, cars and pedestrians in West Longview on Monday night. The boys fired paintball guns at a woman's door in the 2200 block of...
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    Late July-Early August Picnic at Kelso Tam O Shanter Park

    I was thinking of doing a picnic at Tam O'Shanter park here in Kelso. I know that there appear to be almost 0 gatherings in SW Washington, so I was hoping to get some of you fine folk down here. Anyways, if you all are available around late July-Early August, we could do it then. I would of said...
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    Gators Guns in Kelso WA seems OC Friendly...

    Went by Gators Guns in Kelso today to drop off some OC Flyers. Was OCing my .380 Hi-Point, and asked if I could leave the flyers. Apparently he's browsed the site a couple times, and didn't seem to mind, matter of fact, when I inquired about a holster, he wanted to see what my gun looked like...
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    OTish: Man killed by Police... a couple blocks from me.

    This happened 5 blocks away from me, I was surprised I didn't hear sirens or gunshots from that distance. http://tdn.com/news/local/article_43a7be98-49a1-11e0-95a2-001cc4c03286.html Police shot and killed a 31-year-old Kelso man early Tuesday morning after he pointed a gun at SWAT officers...
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    Kelso Train Station Weapons Prohibited

    This evening, while at the annual Kelso tree Lighting ceremony in the Train station, I noticed a sign with some "guidelines" that people must follow.Not surprising, one of them read "Anything defined as a Weapon is prohibited in these premises except carried those by Local, State and Federal...
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    OT: Onalaska homeowner to be charged in the 1st degree for murder?!!

    http://tdn.com/news/local/article_47212870-f820-11df-aab6-001cc4c002e0.html?mode=comments "An Onalaska man is now charged with first-degree murder rather than manslaughter after shooting to death a man who attempted to burglarize his home April 19. Prosecutors amended Ronald Allen Brady's...
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    Meetup in Tacoma December 11th

    Hey all, I was thinking of doing a meetup nearby the Tacoma Dome area on December 11th. I am going to be there that day to see "The Wall" concert, and was thinking if anyone wanted to meetup someplace near there. I'd have no clue WHAT is nearby there that is in walking distance, but if anybody...
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    OT: Hello from Washington State!

    Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I am looking to move out to NH about a year from now and would like to know what the law is for OCing and CCing. I've visited out there many times due to family being out there, and I gotta say, I LOVE the freedoms one have there. Anyways hope to...