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  1. Blueslant

    City Park Signage Question

    I ran across a "rules" sign at a city park on Saturday with the wife and kid. The sign said, "Leave alcoholic beverages and firearms at home." Had a picture of a pistol with the standard red circle with a slash. My understanding is that the city can't post that. The park itself is next to...
  2. Blueslant

    Duty to Inform?

    I know that I do not have a duty to inform during a stop, but I have been unable to answer the follow up question by searching (albeit poorly) the forums. I will start with the assumption that during the course of the officer running my license, the fact that I have a CPL will become known. If...
  3. Blueslant

    Anti gun protester interaction in Yakima. (2 people)

    I was driving today and came across a very small protest on Nob Hill and 16th in Yakima. Very nice looking older couple with signs explaining that everyone should have to register every handgun owned or purchased. I took a few moments to speak with them when I had finished shopping. I was not...
  4. Blueslant

    Concealed weapon holder stops a shooting

    Was driving to a patients house a few minutes ago and I heard on the radio that there was a shooting in a Safeway Parkinglot here in Yakima. I do not have a source at the moment but I will find it when I get home. The current information that I have is that durin the shooting, a cpl holder drew...
  5. Blueslant

    GFSZ and private property

    Posted in the law library, but if anyone here has an idea/answer and doesn't check over there, it is http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?103859-GFSZ-private-property-question&p=1771559#post1771559 Thanks in advance.
  6. Blueslant

    GFSZ/private property question

    So I am currently looking at a new house with my wife, and I just had a question pop up. Thought someone here may happen to know the answer off hand or have material they could cite for it. The property line of the new back yard is shared with the sports field for an elementary school. So...
  7. Blueslant

    Quick CC holster question.

    So I just picked up a S&W M&P 40c, the problem I am having is that the only one available to me here has the thumb safety. To those of you who might have more experience with this, how much of a comfort loss should I expect? Also are there any specific type of IWB holsters I might look into in...
  8. Blueslant

    Family comfort with guns, small OC report.

    So I was finally able to convince my wife to go shooting with me today. While I am from the south and have been shooting since before I could properly wipe myself, my wife is native to the northwest, and the extent of her shooting and handling experience is a .22LR bolt action. Her first...
  9. Blueslant

    New OCDO member in WA

    Just introducing myself. I come from Alabama, moved to the Yakima Valley a few years back with my wife. I've been a gun owner for quite some time, and a CPL holder for a long time as well. I never really worried about anti-gun laws, carry restrictions, or gun bans. My wife and I are...