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  1. shad0wfax

    ***Security Risk*** CloudBleed & Opencarry.org

    https://bugs.chromium.org/p/project-zero/issues/detail?id=1139 The opencarry.org domain and all content (in whole or in part) is potentially at risk from passive attacks and publicly accessible cached data. All OCDO members should change passwords immediately. CloudBleed
  2. shad0wfax

    Petition Congress - Repeal Gun Control Act of 1968 (New!), NFA & Hughes Am.

    New petition for Congress to repeal the GCA of 1968, requires direct link as signature threshold is not yet met: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/repeal-gun-control-act-1968-2 Share and get the word out on this one to make it publicly visible on the main page! Existing petition to...
  3. shad0wfax

    Back from limbo - anything new?

    Spokane area meeting: 0800 12/11/2010 (Saturday) @ Old European 7640 N Division (east side at Lincoln cross street, across from Costco.) I've been in limbo for a while on the boards so I decided I'd check back in and see how things are going for Spokane, for eastern Washington, and for...
  4. shad0wfax

    EPA considering petition for nationwide ban on lead-based sporting ammunition

    There are two threads about this on the Washington state forum portion of these boards but I don't see it here in the nationwide portion of our forums. In summary, a number of environmental groups have banded together and filed a petition for the EPA to have a comprehensive nationwide ban on...
  5. shad0wfax

    Second Amendment & The White House

    imported post I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I ran across this at the White House . Gov blog and it bears reminding everyone here, even if it has been posted...
  6. shad0wfax

    Removed from VA Wheelchair Games 7/16/09

    imported post Myself and another Veteran were removed from the 2009 Veteran's Association Wheelchair Games at the Spokane Convention Center, Group Health NW Building, on Thursday July 16, 2009. The VA Medical Center Chief of Police (Spokane) was friendly and polite, but insisted that the...
  7. shad0wfax

    WA L&I Diversity Fair - Open Carry Opportunity!!!

    imported post So there's going to be a Washington State Diversity Fair sponsored by Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. I think thisis an absolutely golden opportunity topromote Open Carry. You may want to bring your audio/video recorders to record in public when the inevitable...
  8. shad0wfax

    Spokane Open Carry Lunch

    imported post EDIT: Spokane Open-Carry Lunch on Saturday July 18th at noon. The Onion. Downtown: 302 W Riverside Ave So I was at the July 4th Tea-Party at Plantes Ferry Park in Spokane Valley today (OC of course) and ran into a few folks from these forums there and met some new folks who...
  9. shad0wfax

    H&K USP Tactical (Full Size 45) Serpa CQC Mod

    imported post I own a H&K USP Tactical (.45 ACP Full-Size) and I wanted a Serpa holster for it because I like the design of the Serpa and I prefer paddle holsters to belt holsters. I bought a CQC Matte Serpa to fit the Full Size H&K USP and found that the very tall front sight blade on the...
  10. shad0wfax

    OC Holster Question (legality)

    imported post Is an inside the pants (ITP) or inside the waistband (IWB) belt holster such as this Galco IWB model acceptable from a legal standpoint for open carry in Washington state? I did read the WA FAQ stating that no holster design is required, but it didn't touch on the issue of partial...