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  1. GTShooter

    Perfecta 9mm Ammo

    Went to Walmart last friday and saw this brand of ammo. The price was $10.54 before taxes for 50rds. I asked the sales associated if he had heard anything about that specific ammo. He said people had been complaining about it but could not really tell me what people didnt like. So I figured...
  2. GTShooter

    OC in Denver while in Private Property....?

    Just wondering how this works. I work in Denver and do not have a CC permit. But I figured since I drive in from Englewood and park in private property. I usually OC from my car to the entrance of my building early in the AM. Im usually the 1st or 2nd person in the building so I OC in my...
  3. GTShooter

    OC expedition thru Gunnsion County

    Hello all! Had the chance to head out with the family for some vacation time. We went in thru Buena Vista Stopped at the Convenience Store & gas Station there to fill up before entering the 4WD road into Taylor Pass and had no problems while carrying my SR9c, after a night of camping at Taylor...
  4. GTShooter

    Westminister City Parks

    Good day all, yesterday a friend and I hit the Westminister City Park to do some fishing, we caught two stripped bass and 1 catfish BTW....... Anyhow, I was not sure what the law was regarding OC in City Parks so I did not OC. Can someone shed some light in the matter. Ive heard OC in a...
  5. GTShooter

    Legal Resident Aliens and the 2A

    Although I really dont like the term "Alien" it is mostly used and recognized so Ill go with that. I have tons of friends that are Legally here in the US. Do they have the same right to Bear & Keep arms? At some point I believe I had read something about it but cannot seem to find it.
  6. GTShooter

    Webster Pass M&G........? 7/29/2012

    Last time I change this I promise... lol Was talking with some friends and we want to avoid traffic on our way back on I-70, so we'll start from Keystone, go thru the town of Montezuma and follow Webster pass from there. That will throw us onto Hwy 285 and save us some driving time. Same time to...
  7. GTShooter

    Have you OC'd in the last couple of days?

    As most of you know Im new to OC'ing and was feeling pretty good while doing it. Now after this tragic episode in Aurora I didnt feel it would be a good Idea to OC for a while. I know that by changing the way I decide to live it can be understood that terror has changed me, but............. I...
  8. GTShooter

    OC'ing at the movies this weekend

    Had a very productive Saturday, Went to the shootist and fired a couple hundred rounds on the 9mm and on the 22LR. Guys at that locations are pretty cool. Place could use a new coat of paint and better ventilation but who's looking right? I didnt really understand their rule about calling the...
  9. GTShooter

    Looking for a Shooting Range in the Metro Area

    Good day everyone, Because of the Firearms ban we have right now in the National Forests Im looking for a Shooting Range for tomorrow. I live in Lakewood so something in that area would be good too. To what Range do you go and why do you like it? TIA Alan
  10. GTShooter

    OC in Jackson Lake State Park

    Went out with family and friends to this park to Celebrate 4th of July. As i was paying for my daily pass I asked the person in the station what their policy was regarding OC in the park. She asked me to go into the Visitor Center so I could talk to the ranger. Went over and the Ranger was...
  11. GTShooter

    Quick question about carrying in Denver

    Ive been looking all over the place and I cant seem to locate a store outside of Denver that would offer a larger selection of Holsters for my SR9c. I called Bass Pro shop in Denver and they told me they have several from me to choose from. So my question is as follows. How can transport my...
  12. GTShooter

    OC Ruger SR9c Holster

    Hello everyone, Ive been looking around for a nice/unexpensive holster for my handgun. Ive found "universal type" holsters but havent found a nice hard shell type holster. I would like to stay with in the $50 mark, anyone carry this had gun and what do they use to holster it Thanks!
  13. GTShooter

    National Forest Rangers encounter

    Hello everyone, Ive been looking thru the different topics for a couple of months now but this is my first time posting. First of all thank you all very much for the great info and the efforts to keep the rights to keep and bear arms alive. On to my story, I was out camping this passed...