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  1. Decoligny

    83 days until long gun open carry only CA option.

    144 was signed into law by Gov "Brady" Brown of the great state of CA. 1 January 2012 = open carry of handguns in CA is no more.
  2. Decoligny

    AB 144 on Antelope Valley Town Hall Agneda w Assemblyman Steve Knight

    Just had a co-worker hand me an article from yesterday's Antelope Valley Press. If at all possible I will be attending. I am a little concerned that Rep Knight is suggesting that individual cities should be able to infringe upon rights protected by the U.S. Constitution...
  3. Decoligny

    AB962 Ruled Unconstitutional due to vagueness.

    Disregard Duplicate Post
  4. Decoligny

    San Diego pays Open Carry Advocate $35,000 plus pays his legal fees.

    WAY TO GO SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM CALGUNS.NET http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=347348 SAN DIEGO PAYS $35,000, AGREES TO FINDING OF FACTUAL INNOCENCE FOR IMPROPER “UNLOADED OPEN CARRY” ARREST San Carlos CA (September 29, 2010) - The City of San Diego will pay $35,000 to...
  5. Decoligny


    imported post This dropped off the forum, but it is still good information.
  6. Decoligny

    UOC at Starbucks make Political Cartoon in LA Times

    imported post Makes me want to get a Vente half-caf no fat soy caramel mocha frappachino ;) http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-rall11-2010feb11,0,4566727.photo
  7. Decoligny

    New 12031 Case Law

    imported post http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/opinions/documents/B204571.PDF Here is an interesting piece of case law. Put that fence up around your front yard and you are good to go carrying a loaded firearm, even in Compton.
  8. Decoligny

    Just got back from Vegas

    imported post My wife and I just got back from a weekend in Vegas. Stayed at a very nice timeshare that we didn't know was a timeshare. Booked on Expedia as a regular hotel room $89.00 for two nights. Checked in on Friday night and they asked if I wanted to sit through a sales presentation for...
  9. Decoligny

    Encinitas Open Carry Event makes San Jose examiner.

    imported post A few mistakes by the reporter. This event appears to be organized byJeff Schwilk founder of the San Diego Minutemen. http://www.examiner.com/x-10317-San-...t-in-Encinitas The quiet streets of this San Diego seaside community were awakened to the Second Amendment rights as 12...
  10. Decoligny

    Is the gun loaded by the PC definition of loaded?

    imported post Here is a new flowchart that I created. I welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvements.
  11. Decoligny

    Nordyke goes en banc

    imported post The 9th Circuit Court has decided to take Nordyke en banc. This suspends the Nordyke 3 judge panel ruling from being used as precendent. It basically "unincorporates" the 2nd Amendment until the next decision is made by the full 9th Circuit Court...
  12. Decoligny

    Attacker stopped when he saw I could defend myself.

    imported post Not open carry of a gun, but open carry of a knife. I met my wife and two friends for dinner this evening in Lancaster. I was on my motorcycle and went to town directly from work (Military Base), so I wasn't carrying a gun. We enjoyed our dinner and conversation and then...
  13. Decoligny

    15 minute response time

    imported post My wife was awoken this morning by a sound like the front door slamming. I had been at work for half an hour. I have on occasion had to come home for some reason or another, so she thought it might be me, but called me on my cell to be sure. I told her I was at work, and for her...
  14. Decoligny

    Cleaned out the local WalMart on 9mm

    imported post My wife and I stopped by Walmart to get a few things. I checked the ammo case and there it was, one single solitary box of 50 Blazer Brass FMJ 9mm. I bought it. In discussing the ammo shortage with the person working the counter, she said that the reason they were low on ammo...
  15. Decoligny

    Almost had to shoot my neighbors dog yesterday

    imported post I was just finishing some work on our community well yesterday evening when I heard theruckus of a couple of dogs obviously trying to get at each other through the fence in our alley. I stepped out from behing the storage tank to see what was going on and apparently one of my...
  16. Decoligny

    Oceanside Trianing Memo

    imported post http://www.hoffmang.com/firearms/carry/Oceanside-OpenCarry_training_memo-2009-03-12.pdf Look like Oceanside has joined the ranks of San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and the other agencies that have put out training memos. Looks pretty good with the exception ofthe PC...
  17. Decoligny

    Negligent Discharge

    imported post I was talking to a gentleman that I work with (No it is not a "codename" for me) and he told me about his "screw up" last night. He is single, no kids in the house. Apparently he was cleaning his HK .40 in his living room, magazine and ammo safely on the floor, gun and cleaning...
  18. Decoligny

    Just spent 5 days Open Carrying Loaded.

    imported post I just spent 5 days carrying a LOADED pistol on my hip, most of the time.There were a couple of dinners that Iattended where alcohol was sold for consumption, so no guns by AZ law. Just got back from Tucson, AZ. I was representing the Squadron I work for at the reunion of the...
  19. Decoligny

    Traveling to Tucson in October

    imported post I am going to Tucson in Oct and want to Open Carry. Being from CA it is a given that I don't have a CCW (and nobody recognizes CA CCW anyhow). Once I hit the border, I assume I can open carry pretty much anywhere other than schools, places that serve alcohol, etc.? While...
  20. Decoligny

    Open Carry Discussion on San Diego Talk Radio - 9 P.M. Tonight

    imported post 9 P.M. Pacific Standard Time. First topic of the night will be open carry. http://kcbq.townhall.com/