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    ND with an Injury at Bend McDonalds

    Damn..... Wife drops gun at Bend McDonald's; husband shot Woman cited after Derringer in pocket falls to floor, fires http://www.ktvz.com/news/Wife-drops-gun-at-Bend-McDonald-s-husband-shot/-/413192/18459014/-/ed3wc1/-/index.html?hpt=us_bn10
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    More Narrow Focus for OCDO

    From some things I read in another thread I gather there has been a narrowing of focus or restriction of topics here on OCDO regarding firearms carry? Can someone provide me a link to the explanation, discussion or whatever it is that explains this?
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    For the truly, passionately motivated.....

    I urge you to get out there and support the known 2A candidates running for re-election this year. In the Meridian area, that would be Raul Labrador (Congress) and Marv Hagedorn (State Senate) that I am aware of although I am sure there are solid 2A-supporting Representatives and Senators in...
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    ?Gun Store in Ozark area?

    Any suggestions on a good gun store in the Sparta/Ozark area? Is the Bass in Springfield my best bet or is there an independent worth doing business with in this area?
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    Not your usual robbery.....

    Just saw this on another forum and thought it was a fresh story. I found it interesting since many of us regard OC as a deterrent and give little credibility to the claim that it means you are targeted first. Teen homicide suspects have criminal histories Tyler, a customer at the BP station...
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    Out of the ordinary

    Not your ordinary robbery..... Teen homicide suspects have criminal histories Tyler, a customer at the BP station, was killed about 8:15 p.m. Friday, Nov. 25, inside the store. According to court papers, Smith and Hamiel arrived at the BP together on a single scooter and followed Tyler into...
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    Since Constitutional Carry came in.....?

    Do city and county governments (state too I guess) have the option to restrict carry in their buildings and meeting places?
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    Be Very Aware of the Twin Fall's POV

    For those with any doubt concerning the Twin Falls Post Register's stand on the 2nd Amendment, be sure you read Monday's Cheers and Jeers section which jeers Representatives Simpson and Labrador for their votes in favor of National Right to Carry. While they give lip service to "states rights"...
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    FFL Transfer Fee

    A friend's cousin is telling him that in CA you can't find an FFL who will do a transfer for less than $75. My question is whether the guy is too lazy to really shop for a dealer to transfer through or whether this is really the case? Where we live I have a guy that does it for $10 and few would...
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    Interesting Case

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    Trespassed at RC Willey

    Ran into a third OC-Unfriendly business today (US Bank and Reel Movie Theaters were the first two). While buying a 55" TV for our restaurant I was informed by an RC Willey employee that it is against their corporate policy to allow guns in their stores. The individual who informed me appeared...
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    Parma Rod and Gun - Saturday

    Anyone going to be out at Parma Rod and Gun Club for the shoot on Saturday?
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    Serving Alcohol to OC/CC folks, put yourself in my shoes......

    So, I'm planning on a beer and wine license for the restaurant in the next couple of months and need to determine my policy on serving those carrying firearms. Since most everyone I know is Pro-Choice (well, with regard to the 2A anyway...), I wondered what policy rational gun-carriers think...
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    Need an estate appraiser

    Anyone able to refer me to some good, reputable appraisers of firearms and military equipment in the Charlottesville area? I have a friend who is sorting through his father's moderately-sized collection of Civil War, WW I, WW II and modern firearms, uniforms and stuff. Don't want him ripped off...
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    Armed Business Owners/Managers

    Thank you CNN! http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/06/03/drugstore.robberies/index.html?hpt=hp_c1 More and more businessmen/women are arming themselves as more and more folks realize the reality of self defense and protecting their property.
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    USPSA Matches, Ranges and good info...

    Useful information on USPSA (united States Practical Shooters Association) matches and shoots in Emmett, Parma, Idaho Falls, Nampa and Baker City, OR: http://www.idahouspsa.com/calendar.php
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    ** june meeting **

    JUNE MEETING For our June 13 Meeting we will have State Representative Marv Hagedorn, District 20 (Meridian and assorted other parts of Ada & Canyon), as our guest. He will be prepared to chat about the recent Constitutional Carry and Campus Carry issues which were in the ID Legislature this...
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    Normalizing Carry

    FYI - My business was mentioned in the Idaho Business Review last week and the picture they used did clearly show my S&W M&P .40 open-carried. One more small step in normalizing carry and educating the public. The article will be available to see at the meeting next week.
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    May Meeting Coming Up!

    May Meeting will be 7:00PM, Monday night, May 9th, at Wild Bill's Barbeque, 1551 West Cherry, in Meridian. Most folks start getting in at 6:00-6:15 for chatting and grabbing a bite before the meeting. Hope to see you there!
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    US Bank Corporate Policy

    US Bank lost my business and personal accounts today. Seems they have a corporate policy against guns on their property unless carried by LEO's, their security people or armored car/security personnel. I was advised of this by the Branch Manager in a phone call a few moments ago. When I...