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    New Tennessee Gun-Owners website.

    imported post http://www.tngunowners.com/index.php Admin/Mod, by posting this I'm not trying to detract from traffic on this site, but thought that some of the TN guys/gals on here might like to check it out, as a local resource. There are some great folks there, as well as here. If this is a...
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    Taurus 24/7 pro, feedback?

    imported post I never had much interest in Taurus handguns afterthedisappointment ofowning an earlyPT145. But, I broke down and decided to give a 24/7 Pro .45ACP that was in the display case at a local range/gun-shop a 'once-over', not expecting to be impressed. The action was surprisingly...
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    Packing in Public...

    imported post Aside frommy paranoidfirst few months that I actively carried a handgun,when I first received my permit, I have not given much thought to what people think when they know that I do... Until lately. As I've been reading about others' experiences, on here and elsewhere, I have payed...