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    Man practicing open carry right prompts school lockdown

    From yesterday: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/oakland-county/2015/03/04/open-carry-prompts-school-lockdown/24376725/
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    so what's the deal with gun shows?

    Hey guys, long time Inactive. Was at the Trac center in pasco, a convention center owned by Franklin county, and was denied entrance to the gun show today. I told him it was illegal he stated some insurance mumbo jumbo, and I recited RCW 9.41.300 (b) part i, long story short I left 5$ poorer...
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    Gonzaga University students could face expulsion for gun

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    question about carrying at k-12

    Washington state has an exemption to rcws restricting carry at k-12 schools, where as a ccw permit holder can carry while "picking up or dropping off a student" no where does it mention being inside or outside the facility, or in your car or parking lot ect. (Unless I missed that rcw) I ran...
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    Password reset, or email?

    So I got the tapatalk app thingy so I could upload pictures from phone and iPad, but sure enough, I forgot my password, and got locked out trying to login... How do I reset or get an email with a reset link or something. My iPad saves my password info on things I choose, so at least I can type...
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    open carrier on krem 2 news this morning.

    Anyone here? Story was breif, but about preventing crime in hillyard.
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    Spokane: shooting legal or illegal at Antoine Peak concervation area?

    So I was dismayed today, my local shooting spot at kath road by newman lake has been shut down for recreational shooters by the county. I was doing a search and the Antoine Peak area, even closer to my house, is apparently not on the map of restricted shooting areas in Spokane county...
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    Entrapment at Seahawks games?

    So I just saw a news story, where it appears Seattle police will be attending tonights Seahawks game undercover dressed as raiders fans, to ensure that everyone acts "civil". Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't any charges that result be an open and closed case of police entrapment?