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    NRA Board Election - California Gun Forum Wants To Refight The Civil War

    A post on the Calguns Forum floats an unsubstantiated allegation that there is a concerted effort among southern NRA members to denigrate a particular candidate from California because of his religion. See post 21 in the link: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=1030331
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    Clallam & Jefferson Counties

    Am planning a trip to the area. Are there some ranges there, and what is the general feeling among the locals about firearms in general? More like Seattle area or more like eastern Washington? I've heard Port Townsend is a very "liberal" town. Do they toe the democrat line on 2A issues there...
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    What Happened In the Citrus County Case?

    What was the outcome of the lawsuit?
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    Can Non-Residents Get RI Permits?

    If so, what is the procedure? Thanks.
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    Applying For A Maryland Handgun Permit

    I didn't want to hijack the MSI Summary thread any further. The application actually looks pretty straightforward ie not much different than most shall issue states except for the three references (not a problem) and Line 9A (reason for a handgun permit - be specific). So my question is does a...
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    NV To Recognize AZ Permit?

    Read about this on few forums. Anybody know anything?
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    Can CT Cities Prempt Carry Permit?

    Is it true there are some cities in CT where you cannot carry even if you have a permit?
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    Can Non-NV Residents Without Nevada CC Permit OC?

    Hi guys. New member, and this is my first post. I want to visit NV this year to get a NV CC Permit. Two questions: 1. Can I OC while in NV prior to receiving my non-resident NV CC Permit? 2. I'm wide open as to where to take the CC course. Would I better off outside the two big metro areas of...