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    IDPA Classifier practice session 10/31!!!

    No more IDPA for OCDO because of 2 members. It has become clear that 2 specific members have nothing better to do than make personal attacks on the board. As such NONE of the OCDO members will be able to gain from my postings of anything beneficial as far a shooting event go. For that I am...
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    IDPA practice session 10/17!!!

    SOF-USA is holding an indoor IDPA practice session on 10/17 folks. This is open to the public just like the Bear Creek matches are...no range membership or IDPA membership required. What: IDPA practice session - open to the public When: 10/17/10 Where: SOF-USA's 16 lane indoor range in...
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    Are you aware of what is visible in your vehicle?

    I had an encounter with a 60's something woman today while at work. I had been processing a ticket on her vehicle when she rushes over. Cleared the ticked and had a talk with her. I asked her to come to her passenger window and tell me what she sees. Low and behold she notices the piece of mail...
  4. H

    Intro to IDPA class in Springfield/Ozark area

    I have made arrangements to hold an Introduction to IDPA class at SOF-USA's indoor range in Ozark, Mo., just outside Springfield. This class will be geared toward introducing shooters to IDPA and some of the need-to-know items prior to a match so that the shooter can better focus on performance...
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    Revolver carry....any tips?

    Well I finally received my Dan Wesson .357 Magnum pistol pack and I'm quite pleased with it. I decided to carry it for a while to get used to where and how it sits in a Galco pancake holster. Naturally, being a semi-auto shooter I'm not exactly comfortable carrying a revolver or speedloaders...
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    IDPA Match October 2nd

    What: IDPA pistol match (open to the public) Where: Bear Creek Tactical's range (Stockton, Mo.) When: October 2nd (1st Saturday) Time: Sign-in at 8:30am, shooter's brief at 9:00am Rally Point: McDonald's in Bolivar (so folks can eat if they like) Side match is possible. I'll post up that...
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    Need an IWB holster suggestion for use w/ extended mag release

    I have a Glock 34 that has an extended mag release. I love the set-up and I'm considering sending my Glock 19 in to have the same parts put on the 19 as the 34. Do you folks have any IWB suggestions that won't cause a problem with the Glock's blocky extended mag release? I checked my...
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    Do you wear the right holster when you OC?

    Ask yourself a question: Do you wear the correct holster when you OC? The likely answer for many is no, though many will think they do. I apologize in advance if you have been duped into thinking your holster is appropriate for OC as it may not be. Trust me, I've been down this road and I'm...
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    Bucks for Books Shootout in Ozark 9/10 & 9/11!

    Hosted by SOF-USA and the Missouri National Guard. All proceeds to Ozark Elementary Schools for books. $10 entry fee. Here's how the match will go: 2 NRA 50 ft bullseye targets at 10 yards. 10 shots on each target, shooter will be required to load, engage, and reload magazine between...
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    SOF-USA 16 lane indoor range - Ozark, Mo

    Went in tonight and am pleased to see that the targeting system on one side is finally up and working. Staffers and a few selected guests were allowed to use that side of the range tonight. Still warm inside, but the issue has been identified and is going to be corrected quickly. Rental...
  11. H

    Warning to all you paddle holster owners!

    For those of you who support OC or just prefer the OWB kydex, you've just got to see this. It's going to convince you to be more selective in your holster choice and might just be a good influence for why CCW is such a good idea in certain cities, especially in States that have good carry and...
  12. H

    Oakland may lose 80 officers at midnight

    Found this to be an interesting read. Many of us on this board will likely see that it's clearly mismanagment of funds when this kind of thing happens, but you can bet Cali's gooberment will say it's the unfunded liabilities that are crippling their ability to keep Police and Fire services up...