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    Olmos, TX police injure and arrest open carrier - President of Open Carry Texas

    My comments are based on a compilation of YouTube videos posted from jacks channel and other activist YouTube channels. Those channels show video of the Olmos Park and Leon Valley police violations of Jack's Rights and other people's rights. I forgot to mention that he was required to wear an...
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    Olmos, TX police injure and arrest open carrier - President of Open Carry Texas

    Jack Miller was arrested in February of 2018 for illegally carrying a loaded gun in the city of Olmos Park. Olmos Park continued to drag his charges out until recently. His charges were finally dismissed. He also had a firearms violation in Leon Valley from 2018. That charge had finally been...
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    Fredericksburg man convicted of brandishing

    Although the original cases have been wiped clean, Mr. Wolff is now the victim of the dreaded Nolle Prosequi on the current two cases. Although innocent he still has the possibility of charges being persued in the future, because the 2 cases have not been expunged. Nolle Prosequi only means that...
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    Fredericksburg man convicted of brandishing

    This might help: https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/27796778/Wolff_v_Commonwealth_et_al https://dockets.justia.com/docket/virginia/vaedce/1:2019cv00432/408084
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    Fredericksburg man convicted of brandishing

    I hadn't seen anything on the 2 brandishing cases lately, so I checked the court and the 2 cases are listed as "Nolle Prosequi" as of June 10, 10 days before the trial was to start. The federal complaint for declaratory judgment suit to strike down Virginia's brandishing statute looks to be...
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    The Pentagon is actually in Arlington Virginia but as you pointed out it is still Federal property.
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    Fredericksburg man convicted of brandishing

    It doesn't really matter. He was found not guilty on the charge. according to court records are also three other charges that he was found not guilty on. It was probably the cops just piling on charges. Although states do have laws against the use of profanity, the courts have not always sided...
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    Fredericksburg man convicted of brandishing

    Has anyone heard of this case? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-01/latest-scheme-turn-gun-owners-criminals A friend sent me a link to the above article about a Fredericksburg, Va, Man convicted of brandishing by carrying a BB gun outside to see what was going on in the parking lot next...
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    Gunbuster signs down at 2 locations of Langley Federal CU

    Unfortunately my dad has an account with LFCU at the Saville Row location off Mercury Blvd in Hampton. I have had to do banking for him on occasion usually at the drive through. I had to go inside a few months ago and along with the itty bitty gunbuster sign on the door there was also a sign...
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    Confused about 18.2-308.I CHP renewal

    I sometimes OC, but have a permit for those times when I want to cover up. I'm a little over 90 days out before my permit expires. In the past when renewing the permit it had to be issued within 45 days. I now see that 18.2-308.I has been changed to force you to apply 90 to 180 days out. The...
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    Waterside garage shooter gets 90 days, $2,500 fine

    imported post http://hamptonroads.com/2010/01/waterside-garage-shooter-gets-90-days-2500-fine By Michelle Washington The Virginian-Pilot © January 23, 2010 NORFOLK A jury found the man accused of murder in a March shooting at the Waterside parking garage guilty of unlawful wounding Friday...
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    Why have a gun in a hotel room? Two robbers die after Norfolk hotel gunfight with CHP holder.

    imported post Electrical contractors from Richmond/Chesterfield were staying at a Norfolk hotel while working at a local school making lighting upgrades. Three robbers knocked on their hotel room door and burst in when they answered the door and attempted to rob them. One contracter had a CHP...
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    Need recommendation for leather holster for 1911 type pistol with a square trigger guard

    imported post I have an STI 2011 similar to the STI VIP. The STI pistol has a square trigger guard. I use aholster madeby Backwoods leather in Portsmouth for a Colt Double Eagle to carry concealed IWB. It works fine, but I was looking for a heavy duty commercial made leather holster for open...
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    Hampton man survives ambush when returning home at night

    imported post This happened 3 blocks from where I live. I'm always careful at night, but this is more reasonfor meto do so. This area sounded like a war zone for an hour on New Years Eve and I don't mean the sound of fireworks. dailypress.com Ambush victim shot back to survive Assailants flee...
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    Why OC in your own home?

    imported post Family lives in fear in southeast NN Members of the Korycinski family say intruders have stolen property, as well as threatened and assaulted them. By DAVID MACAULAY | 247-7838 December 23, 2008 NEWPORT NEWS - Jane Korycinski recalls how she stood in her kitchen while an...
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    Another reason you need to carry a gun in your own front yard

    imported post http://www.dailypress.com/news/dp-local_crimebrfs_10021oct02,0,1589005.story?track=rss As Paul Harvey says, "and now for the rest of the story". This happened right in front of a coworkers house. The coworker trims trees and sells firewood to earn extra money. He was loading fire...