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    Place to shoot near Auburn

    I'm moving to Washington next week from Maine. In ME I could shoot in my own back yard whenever I wanted. I'm looking for a good place to shoot near Auburn, WA. I shoot about once a week, and I don't want a strict square range. I want to be able to practice drawing from concealment, shooting on...
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    A nice day for a walk! Portland Encounters.

    Good news from Portland today. Walked for a couple hours in downtown. Had a few people stop and talk to me. One couple eating at an outside restaurant asked if there was anything going on because I was the third OCer he'd recently seen. I told him it's Maine, expect it and told him I'd rather...
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    Next Round of Anti-gun Legislation discussed in Committee

    http://www.mainelegislature.org/legis/bills/phwksched.html?CODE=CJPS&snum=126 April 22, 24, 26, and 29th. Many bad bills will be discussed. Show up in force.
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    2013 New Bills Announced

    As bills trickle onto the State Legislator's website, I've been reading them. Here's some to watch: An Act Regarding the Sale of Firearms at Gun Shows - Forces NCIC checks for ALL gun transactions whether private or not at gun shows. An Act to Amend the Laws Regarding a Concealed Handgun...
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    Target Biddeford/Town Faire Tire Biddeford

    Went to Target in Biddeford yesterday to pick some stuff up. While I was there I saw another OCer. Said hi. He was a youngish guy. pretty brief encounter. Dunno if it was someone from here, but it was good to see another OCer out and about. Also, last week I met a nice woman while getting my...
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    An interesting twist regarding recent ruling

    Here's a thought. The 7th Circuit gave Illinois 180 days to craft a CCW bill before the ban on carrying is voided. What if everyone calls their reps and tells them to OPPOSE any CCW bill that comes through? Could you guys initiate Constitutional Carry through a stalled Legislative branch...
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    Friday October 5th. Portland

    Okay guys. Friday night October 5th, after dark, I am going to go for a walk in Portland. If anyone is free to go with me you are welcome to come. If we are stopped by the police, I ask that you let me do any talking. I will bring a copy of the state Preemption law and a phone for recording. I...
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    Portland Pheonix Article 20JUN2012

    News article in the Portland Pheonix I think overall Dierdre did a great job. She didn't misquote me at all and portrayed me in a pretty good light. I wish there would have been a bit more emphasis on the 4th Amendment violations and less on the 2nd Amendment issue, but 4th Amendment issues...
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    My yearly detainment in Portland.

    I guess it's that time of year again. It seems every spring I get stopped by the Portland PD. I got video this time I also wrote an email to the police chief: Chief Sauschuck, On 26MAY2012 at about 17:15 I was stopped by Officer J McDonald. I recorded a video of the stop for my protection...
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    New Law Conflicts.

    I've lost all faith in the legislative process tonight. So, I was just perusing through the laws that they enacted last session and I noticed this little gem And how it interacts with the law that we supported. Basically, they made our Concealed Firearm Permit into a Concealed Handgun Permit...
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    Hair Excitement, Biddeford

    Hey all, another positive report today. My mother went to get her hair cut at Hair Excitement in Biddeford today and she mentioned my name to the hairdresser Katlyn. I've been getting my hair cut there while OCing for about 4 years now and Katlyn said "Notorious Norman is your SON?" Apparently...
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    Great OC experience at Jiffy Lube

    Went to the Jiffy Lube on Forrest Ave in Portland today. After my car was done (very fast too) the guy that quoted me started asking questions about whether I carry for work. I told him a little about the laws regarding OC and about how to get a Concealed Firearms Permit. As I was talking to him...
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    College Carry

    So, as I do sometimes, I'm pouring over the laws. I thought I remember the no firearms in school statute saying colleges were included, but it's not in that statute any more...Never mind, it is, see next post Title 20-A Section 6552: Title 20-A Section 1 Defines Public and private schools as...
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    WGME News - Maine may drop need for permit to conceal handguns

    Bill would let gun owners carry concealed weapons without permits I spoke with Rep Crafts this morning on the phone and it seems his intent with this bill is solid and we spoke about a few changes to make the intent of the bill a little clearer. This bill does not take anything away, it is all...
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    Do you carry at home?

    Do you carry your firearm when you're in the comfort of your own home? If not, perhaps you should. Woman charged following shooting death From the details that are available so far, it looks like the story is this: girl knocks on door, says car broke down, homeowner answers the door, girl's...
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    Portland City Council Meeting 06DEC2010

    I went to the Portland City Council meeting tonight to talk about their ordinances banning carrying at night, registering sales of handguns, and registration requirements for gun dealers. These ordinances are in violation of State Preemption. I spoke during the Public Comment Session. I didn't...
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    MOCA in Freedom 1st Magazine

    Page 13 of December 2010 issue of NRAs Freedom 1st Magazine has a column on the Portland Gun Ban proposal. Shane, Forrest, and I are quoted.
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    My submission to State Legislators

    Here's what I'm planning on submitting to Senator Courtney He has requested me to put together a list of law changes that MOCA would like to see accomplished. Any comments before I submit it to him?
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    Info from Secret Service on School Shootings

    This is proving to be an interesting read. Direct from secretservice.gov. http://www.secretservice.gov/ntac/ssi_final_report.pdf Despite prompt law enforcement responses, most shooting incidents were stopped by means other than law enforcement intervention. ... Most school-based attacks were...
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    Skolnik is Done, but we didn't win anything!

    Skolnik was defeated by Ed Suslovic. Unfortunately Check out the who's on the Board of Directors for the Maine Citizen's Against Handgun Violence Yup Edward Suslovic. That's right. We're still screwed...