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    congrats to the citizens of Tennessee

    Is this for Tennessee citizens only or any legal gun owner that is in Tennessee? I live in Kentucky just 1/2 mile from the state line and travel a lot there. While I have a Kentucky permit my wife doesn't and carries here in our home state and I was wanting to know if she can continue across the...
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    Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition got things done again.

    I contacted them about Monroe county a few months ago and this is their post today. Back in November, the KC3 board was sent a picture of a sign that has been in place for years on the Monroe County Courthouse. Below is a picture of the sign. Board members contacted Monroe County officials...
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    Monroe county now a sanctuary county

    I hope Barren goes soon, my wifes family is there. With that said I hope all counties do this and as soon as possible before the gun grabbers find some way to block it from happening.
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    Monroe county now a sanctuary county

    I just found out that my county, Monroe was made a sanctuary county by the courts on January 3rd.
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    Gun Control Bill before the Ky. 2020 General Assembly

    The democrats of yesterday are not the democrats of today, sure there are still a few good democrats out there that vote for our rights but they are few and far between. With that said we also must not just vote republican until we look at all the issues the candidate stands for, as most...
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    I thought the Justice center's were federal property?
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    Constitutional Carry stature up on the LRC website

    [QUOTE="solus, post: 2242476, member: 68975" ‘Sides why on earth would anyone want to leave the great Bluegrass state ~ for any reason? I renewed because I live so close to the Tennessee line that me and my family go there from time to time. Lafayette, tn. has a burger king, k.f.c. and...
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    renew conceal carry question?

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    renew conceal carry question?

    i got my permit today, not bad timing, 5 working days from the time i renewed.
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    renew conceal carry question?

    I went and decided to get my renewal, I go into tennessee some so it would be better with it. did the online way and says i'll have my new permit by the 22nd so pretty fast. the extra $10 is not bad as it would nearly take that much gas to get me up to the sheriffs office anyways.
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    renew conceal carry question?

    Thanks, my wife and I are gonna figure out whether to pay it or not, I want to as I go to lafayette about 3-4 times a month. being on a tight budget tho has me thinking that I may wait for now. Tennessee allows a gun in a vehicle without a permit but it can't be on the person. I have till...
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    renew conceal carry question?

    I carry a lot in Tennessee, i live just across the line in monroe county Kentucky.
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    renew conceal carry question?

    I just received my paper telling me about the renewal, i have until October 2nd to renew my permit. It says on the paper i need $60 as it was when i first got it, $20 for sheriff and $40 to state treasurer. it says i can renew online for an additional $10, i was figuring on it being $70 but it...
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    gun kept in vehicle compartment without permit?

    ok, thanks, wished it was like kentucky. i will remove it when she drives to tennessee, i will keep it in there while in kentucky tho.
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    gun kept in vehicle compartment without permit?

    i live in Kentucky just about 1 mile north of the Tennessee line, i have a permit to carry and do so daily. i also try to keep a gun in my glove box or center console while i'm out in case i can't reach the one on me fast enough. my question is however because of my wife, she doesn't have a...
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    holster for taurus g2c?

    i found a couple of nice leather holsters on clearence online, they were used as display and don't have a package. they were only $10 each regular $30. one fits a s&w shield and the other fits a ruger sr9c, would one of these work for my taurus g2c? and if so which one? at $10 I figured I would...
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    any gun bills passed or looks to pass?

    i have been dealing with several personal problems lately with mostly several friends passing away and haven't had a chance to check on any good or bad gun bills. are there any good or bad looking to pass or already passed? also any that could use my phone call to help get going or stop?, i hope...
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    army corps of engineers barren river lake control the campgrounds

    my brother in law is camping and fishing at barren river state park, he has invited me and my family to go with him but i was told i couldn't even have a gun locked in my car while at the campsite. i called barren river park and the man i spoke to said i could carry in the park except where the...
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    glasgow officer with wrong info

    i went visiting yesterday, me, my wife and son went to my mother inlaw's. i found out that my sister inlaw and her husband just bought new handguns and plan on getting a permit soon. untill then they are gonna carry in their truck, so they decided to ask a officer where and how to carry. i...
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    Cummins Falls State Park, prohibits guns?

    on their web site, Cummins Falls State Park says firearms are prohibited. this what the rules say: 0400-02-02-.11 FIREARMS, TRAPS, AND OTHER WEAPONS. In park, natural, and historical areas the use of traps, seines, handthrown spears, nets (except landing nets), firearms (including air and gas...