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    Do you think that this is just too crazy an idea?

    Over on the ArmBritain forum, I proposed the idea that a Brit should seek asylum in the US. The claim would be that he is being persecuted politically, owing to the State denying him the right to effective defence of his person ... and forcing him to rely upon the State's machinery for his...
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    Schaeffer Cox

    imported post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIfSAA01Rjk&feature=related I just picked up on these inspirational videos by an Alaskan chap, Schaeffer Cox. Absolutely recommended viewing ... though there is about 90 minutes of material to view. Really good stuff, though
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    Firearms in the UK ... POLL

    imported post Been experimenting with polling software and have a simple pollto whichyou might care to respond. http://bogbeagle.wordpress.com/should-british-people-of-good-character-have-the-right-to-keep-firearms-in-their-homes/ If you like it, pass it along.
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    Off-Topic a film about American Islam

    imported post http://tv.bnp.org.uk/2010/01/the-third-jihad/ I found this film on the website of an English political party. Spend a half-hour watching it. It will leave a deep impact upon you.
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    Thought for the New Year

    imported post Isn't it strange that, here in England, as fewer and fewer guns are held legally...more and more of our policemen are going about armed? In fact, aside from shotguns, there are almost no firearms in private hands. I don't know a single gun-owner and I can't recall the last time...
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    Finnish killing blamed on guns

    imported post http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8435857.stm The gun-control lobby is having fun. This Finnish chap has shot six people and, of course, it was the "guns". No-one has mentioned that the guy was a Kosovan-Albanian MUSLIM immigrant. That may have no bearing on the case, of...
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    A lawful campaign tool

    imported post Another of my crazy, (but thankfully, short) essays. Feel free to criticise. http://www.springers.karoo.net/page13.html
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    Another crazy idea?

    imported post It's snowing today. Weather is too miserable to tempt me out of doors much, despite the protestations of my mutts. So, I've been working on another crazy idea. A Bill of Rights for the UK in the 21st Century. In part, it is modelled on yours, with a bit of European stuff...
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    Saw this on WND

    imported post http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=119087 I just picked this up. Makes your blood run cold. Video of guerilla training camps right in your own back-yard.
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    I've knocked up an essay

    imported post Middle of the night, here. I can't sleep. So, I’ve knocked up an essay which I intend to promulgate via FaceBook. The idea is to get people thinking about Citizenship, Democracy and the like. A corollary of that is the RKBA. Take a look and criticise. In search of a...
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    Erosion of the Bill of Rights.

    imported post HI, I picked up this letter from the JPFO. http://www.jpfo.org/articles-assd/congress-open-letter.htm Strong stuff. Go America!
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    Actually, you Colonials can help we undeserving Brits.

    imported post Now, I'm very new to the gun lobby, so I don't know all the arguments that you chaps use. I've never owned a firearm, and I'm just fiftyyears old, now. About a million years ago, I was allowed to carry one as a squaddie; but once I left the army, I was rendered instantly...