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    I voted

    I voted today to preserve and protect our second amendment rights. I have hope that there will be change.
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    congrats mkegal

    The bail modification is pretty huge imo. Things should only continue to improve.
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    Help with Gun Club/Range

    I need more range time. With the high cost of ammo and everything else hourly range time has become harder to pay for when I need it the most. I would like to join a club or a range that is affordable, friendly would be nice, and looking for a new member. Indoor or Outdoor but I'd like at least...
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    A hard lesson to learn

    I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about the outcome in the Jesus Gonzalez trial lately. I'm sure a lot of people have. With only the small amount of information available it is easy to overlook the most important lesson that can be taken away from this case. When involved in any...
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    Did we count our chickens?

    Has enough time already passed for a legislative reform of Wisconsin's firearm laws? Have those that said it would happen this year, caused complacency among us? Will Wisconsin be the last State in the union to outlaw all concealed carry? Will the school and vehicle laws continue to make a...
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    Perhaps open carry really is the answer

    I wonder how quickly we would get our rights back if every time we transported a firearm it was openly. Leave the gun store remove from case walk to car, case up and go. When going to the range park at the end of the block and carry each firearm openly, one at a time, to the car to encase and...
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    Is this a violation

    Milwaukee police officer shoots robbery suspect By Jesse Garza of the Journal Sentinel Updated: Dec. 23, 2010 5:00 p.m. | A Milwaukee police officer was involved in a shooting Thursday afternoon on the city's northwest side, police said. According to Assistant Police Chief James Harpole: About...
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    This Place Is

    Starting to remind me, more and more, of packing.org before they turned off the lights. Is it the realization that Wisconsin will most likely have the majority of its incongruent firearm laws rescinded or amended in a few short months that is causing so much anxiety. What will they harp about if...
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    Wisconsin CCW

    Who will win
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    Taurus Judge

    I'd like any input from those who actually own these. Pros and cons, quirks, value. I'm interested in one to maybe use as a back-up for a .410 shotgun. Share your wisdom. Also 2 3/4" vs. 3" chamber. Thanks in advance.
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    The scary truth

    imported post I must admit to having some trepidation about the lawful transportation of a firearm. Most of it goes back to a situation in 1995 when my car was illegally searched in Chicago by the CPD. Thankfully I was not arrested in this encounter but they did go crazy about a holster they...