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    Good handgun ranges in/close to Walworth, CO?

    I'm trying to find a good handgun range close to Delavan, WI. I would like silluite targets. Double taps are pretty much a must if possible No range Nazis Common sense rules Price (not out of this world) I've read on here before there is a private range in Janesville, but do not remember...
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    McMiller Gun Range - Please give info on it

    I haven't been there in years. I see the price is still 15.00 a day. Are they OC friendly? I'm assuming no drawing and shooting from holster either way from what I've seen before. Do they allow double or triple taps? Other then that is it still a range that's run by good people, without...
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    CCW w/o permit? OC car carry still have 4 month wait?

    I was trying to read though the bill and am still unsure if this was kept in it. Can you ccw (without being in a school zone) w/o a ccw permit? Or is it now that you can only ccw if you have a WI ccw permit? for OC is there still a 4 month wait before we can carry while in a car? (I think...
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    Nothing to see here :)

    Sorry about that :)
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    Legal to OC long gun or short barreled pistol grip shotgun?

    I'm wondering what the legalities of this are. I will leave my sword questions for another forum unless sometimes know the law as well. This picture is just an example of something I saw. http://www.hatchergun.com/images/Holster_1.JPG eta. I'm currently simply curious of legal/illegal.
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    McMiller Gun Range - Good/Bad? Better options?

    I've been there before and it was a nice outdoor range. I see on their website they have a some restrictive rules. RULE 6: NO RAPID FIRE! Allow at least one full second between rounds fired. NO EXCEPTIONS! RULE 7: No .50 BMG, Steel Jackets, or Steel Core (hardened steel, armor piercing)...
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    Potbelly's in Lake Geneva. Are they OC friendly?

    We're meeting another couple for dinner their. If they are OC friendly I will carry, other wise I won't to not cause a hassle for the other people. Have others carried their without issue? In case their is more then one; this is the Potbelly's on the main street next to Caribou Coffee.
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    Woman had so much time while being murdered she took a picture of her killer!

    http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/105206229.html A friend of my g/f's knew the victim. She was a member of a church in Sharon, WI. My g/f used to play the piano there. A firearm sure would have been quicker to use then opening a cell phone, opening the camera app, pointing it, and taking a...
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    is all of downtown OK to carry?

    Thinking about Pot Bellies, but down the street is a school. Anyone know if Pot Bellies is OC friendly and if it is legal? It is next to Caribou Coffee.
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    Need state statute that OK's 1 party voice recording in WI

    My mom is having a possible legal issue with an employer. She spoke to an attorney Mark in Whitewater who told her flat out that it is illegal to record a conversation without both parties knowledge. She has had surgery to remove a cancerous lump. Her POE is threatening and not honor the family...
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    Extra magazines. Do they have to be open carried?

    I haven't OC'd outside of private property in WI before. Do extra magazines need to be OC'd on a belt or other means or can you use a pocket holster for a spare magazine? I have both so it makes no difference. When I'm off private property I just want to follow the law.
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    Gun story top story at Walworth County Today

    imported post http://www.walworthcountytoday.com/ Burlington Conservation Club manager and instructor Tom Wondrash, left, helps Reed Mimller, 10, of Waterford, during a Kids Shoot event at the club last week. Under a new state law, children as young as 10 can hunt under the supervision of a...
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    While traveling - Ammo loaded magazine OK in handgun case?

    imported post Can my loaded magazine be in my handgun case while traveling in the trunk of my vehicle? Or do you have to separate them?
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    Madison-Any grocery stores ok with OC?

    imported post A friend was wondering if any grocery stores in the Madison area were OC friendly. Does anyone know of any?