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  1. tomrkba

    What Would You Say to Someone Who Freaks Out at the Sight of a Gun?

    I still think “Hi”, or a hand wave, is a good first response. However, my comment was in 2015 and the world has become much more hysterical since then. My current FIRST response will be friendly. If confronted by an SJW, I am not going to fool around. Throwing up the fence (see Craig...
  2. tomrkba

    How are people open carrying given the state’s definition of concealed?

    I just read that a gun is concealed if it is partially covered by clothing. Therefore, a gun carried in an IWB holster with the slide and grip visible is considered concealed. Given the weather of Montana, how are people open carrying in colder weather?
  3. tomrkba

    Go camping is hazardous to your health

    A person in Virginia may use force against a police officer if that officer is acting beyond his or her authority. Other states, such as Indiana, are not so lucky. The Hill decision of 2010 affirmed this right.
  4. tomrkba

    Gun grab: what crime or crimes are committed?

    What crime is committed when someone grabs a handgun and tugs on it? What crime is committed if they remove the gun from the holster?
  5. tomrkba

    Handgun transfer question

    I am considering trading a handgun to someone who is 19 years old in a private transaction. It appears that he qualifies for possession and transport of a handgun in Virginia. Obviously, he cannot purchase from an FFL. http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+18.2-308.7 What are...
  6. tomrkba

    That "militia thing"

    What would happen if 100 or more men showed up at the local town square, formed up, said the pledge of allegiance, saluted the flag, and someone did an inspection? Every man would have a full kit, rifle, sidearm and ammunition. There would be no standard uniform or "unit". They'd then disperse...
  7. tomrkba

    Carry / Open carry in Ogden, Perry, SLC

    Hey all, I'll be visiting Ogden, Utah this summer. I have a valid non-resident Utah CCW permit. As I understand it, many of the weird variations in Utah law go away with the permit. I will likely carry concealed, but may need to OC for some reason. I want to find out a few things regarding...
  8. tomrkba

    After how many drinks is carrying a no-no?

    This started in the Washington State forum thread "After how many drinks is carrying a no-no?". I want to talk about it in the Virginia forum. Americans treat alcohol in a very odd way. Culturally, we're morons when it comes to alcohol. We behave poorly when we consume it. This is the...