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  1. RunninNGunnin

    the pepper spray thread....

    Way to welcome a new person with possibly a legitimate question. Is there a NV local moderator? Why is it that when a person in the NV section asks a question regarding local laws or restrictions all the replies are from: WalkingWolf - North Carolina JoeSparky - Pleasant Grove, Utah gutshot...
  2. RunninNGunnin

    carrying extra magazines

    What is the law about carrying extra magazines? Do they have to be open carried like a gun or can I cover with my shirt and only OC the gun?
  3. RunninNGunnin

    Good place to take CCW class?

    The wife and I are looking into getting CCW's. I will do mine first. Any recommendations on where to take the class? The first one we looked into you qualify first then spend the day in the classroom? I hear/read different stories about what kind of target qualification is done. I've heard some...
  4. RunninNGunnin

    What do you do?

    When carrying what do you do if you are going somewhere where you know you can not OC or know you will be approached? Post office, Casino, etc. Do you not carry or disarm and leave your gun someplace, (example; in car) or leave home?