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  1. CDT COX

    Help out a WWII Veteran.

    I know money is tight and we'd all love to buy ammo but if you can spare anything to help this man I know he would greatly appreciate it. Any amount no matter how small helps. This was on another forum I frequent. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=157151833 Here is the OP: News...
  2. CDT COX

    Any of you fine people live on the border with DC?

    NC resident, planning a trip to DC. Is my best option to find a hotel in Arlington that has a safe?
  3. CDT COX

    A proposal for reasonable alcohol control

    Saw this on another forum :lol: With all the talk about how important "just one life" is, I would propose the following: Obviously, we can not ban alcohol beverages. Prohibition was repealed by the 21st amendment. Prohibition is not my goal. However, we see every day the carnage wrought by...
  4. CDT COX

    Told I'll be cuffed

    TITLE EDIT: Told I'll be cuffed Thanks in advance A couple of minutes ago I left the gas station in my Jeep and the owner (real nice guy, we talk whenever I'm in there, we'll call him Mike) came out and flagged me down. He started off, 'Hey man I don't mind that you carry in here, but the...
  5. CDT COX

    Thought I was going to have to draw

    Still a bit shook up right now I get off from work around 9:30 or so, its always dark when I do. Well, about 20 minutes ago I got out of my Jeep at the gas station. I put my card in the pump and heard some yelling. While I was filling up, across the street from the gas station a big black dude...
  6. CDT COX

    Ferry Policy

    Anyone know if there is any policy against carry on the ferry? I'm headed across the river to get a haircut and this would make things much faster. I can't find anything so I'm going to treat it as always in my Jeep. Also, does CiCi's pizza sell alcohol?
  7. CDT COX

    Prolonging Magazine Spring Life

    I've been at school for the past 4 months so I havent been OC except when I come home. Now that I'm home for the summer, my pistol will be loaded 24/7. I only have the two factory mags right now. When I carry I only carry one mag because I dont have a way to carry the other. To make them last...
  8. CDT COX

    OC Holster for Walther PK380

    SSIA, want a kydex paddle holster for OWB carry. Moderate amount of retention. I had my local shop order a Fobus gl2e2. Think this will fit the bill? I'm open to other suggestions
  9. CDT COX

    URGENT*** Need Statues

    I'm 18 years old. Today I went to my Sherrifs office to get a pistol perchase permit to buy a hundgun from a private party(my father). The desk clerk was willing and handed me the form to fill out, I filled out the first couple of lines before Joe Blow said "you cannont buy a handgun or get the...
  10. CDT COX

    Under 21 carry

    Tell your stories here! I'm hoping to get a handgun to OC for Christmas.
  11. CDT COX

    New Guy

    Hi, I'm new here, just joined. I recently moved to Oriental, NC in Pamlico county and was wondering if it's okay to open carry in the county even though I'm only 18. http://www.opencarry.org/nc.html says the min. age is 18. Anyone know for sure?