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    Looking for confirmed stories

    I'm just looking for confirmed instances of a company firing an employee because the employee had a gun locked in their car. Thanks everyone!
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    ID Scanning law

    Help me out here. I swear I saw in the MO law a spot where it's illegal for businesses to scan your ID when you purchase alcohol/tobacco/etc. Anyone know the exact RSMO number for the law? Or at least where I can start looking so I don't have to wade through hundreds of thousands of pages of...
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    OT: Friend moving to Enfield. Need help finding a place.

    Posting here since Enfield is so close to other places in Massachusetts. As the title says, I have a friend who's moving from Missouri to a job in Enfield, and is having a lot of trouble finding a good place to live. I'm just seeking help on good locations, or specific apartments/houses/etc...
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    OT: Friend moving to Enfield. Need help finding a place.

    As the title says, I have a friend who's moving from Missouri to a job in Enfield, and is having a lot of trouble finding a good place to live. I'm just seeking help on good locations, or specific apartments/houses/etc that are available. Doesn't need to be anything extravagant. Just a one...
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    Call me cynical, or paranoid, or something....

    But has anyone else noticed a significant amount of new names popping up with under 10 posts asking people to come OC in some rather questionable areas? Like Ste Gen or Fort Leonard Wood? I may just be overly cynical here, but it sure as heck feels like a play to get some negative press before...
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    So here's a fun fact:

    A car going just 4 MPH has more energy than a bullet. Sounds kinda crazy, but I got the math to back it up. Pretty interesting perspective when you consider that people are afraid of guns, but don't think twice about getting in a car and going 90. Math (hopefully my formatting carries over)...
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    Help: OC a lightsaber!?

    So, before I start, I'm a nerd in the first degree. There, I said it. Now, a few people (including myself) are looking to do a lightsaber Duel Under the Arch, or something similar next summer. I know OC is technically illegal in the City, but how would that apply (if at all) to what is...
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    2012 Legislative Session Unofficial Newsletter

    Ok, just wanted to let everyone know the newsletter for this month is up on www.itsarightmooc.com! Please go read it all. It's a very interesting read. There are things in it I knew about, and several things I didn't know, most of which are quite disturbing. Again, it's on...
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    Anyone shoot IDPA? (StL area)

    Just went to a match at Benchrest Rifle Club this month, and I'm thinking I'm hooked. I didn't even shoot. Just watched. It looks like a ton of fun and great practical practice. Anyone on here have experience with IDPA? Or recommendations for noobies?
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    Lake St Louis?

    Anyone ever OC around LSL? I can't seem to find anything yea or nay on it legality up there. And I'm hesitant to just call the sherriff since they would probably say no without even looking. Thanks!
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    Bill Randles: Candidate for Governor

    So I saw him speak last night, and I have to say I was impressed. Virtually everything he said was spot on, and I even asked him point blank about 2A and OC and he specifically said he supports both. Spent a couple minutes talking about OC even. Overall, very good guy that I'm quite...
  12. O

    Cottleville, Mo.

    Anyone know if there's anything preventing OC in Cottleville? I checked their website, but it says it hasn't been updated since 2007! Crazy. As an aside, did anyone know it's illegal to fart in a threatening manner in Cottleville? Seriously.
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    Want to buy a Jetpack?

    Ok, so you can't actually buy one. But if this guy would sell these things, I'd be first in line! Man with jetpack races actual jets (video)
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    Calling all computer guru's! (RE: Video Cards)

    So I'm looking to upgrade my video card, and I've been looking at EVGA because I've used them before and like them, but I found a good deal on an XFX card almost identical to the EVGA I was going to buy. However, I know nothing about XFX as a company, or video card maker. Anyone know anything...
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    Changing a username?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I don't know who to PM for this. Mods, I'd like to change my username if possible. I've been using this old handle for many years, and it really no longer means what it once did to me. Thank you!
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    Dierbergs on Salt Lick road, OC experiences?

    As most of you know, I'm trying to get my feet wet in OC. I've been looking to try it someplace thats not particularly crazy, and since I usually do my grocery shopping in the evening/night when the store is empty that seemed like a good time to do it. So, how is the Dierbergs out that way...
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    May be moving to AZ. What do I need to know?

    Hey everyone! So I might be moving to AZ, specifically Phoenix. What all do I really need to know? Places to be/not be? Good living/bad living? Etc. I'm single, so don't really have any family concerns as yet, though I would like to be able to get out and meet people. Thanks!
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    OCDO College Carry Map - Missouri

    I hope this is in the right spot. If not, Mods please move it. Just an observation having looked at the map, I believe it is slightly flawed in relation to Missouri, specifically CCW on college campuses. Section 1 of RSMO 571.107 states 17 places where concealed carry is not authorized...
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    OC in warrensburg mo?

    imported post anyone actually looked into the laws for warrensburg, mo as far as OC is concerned? or the county law as applicable? im thinking about trying it out a bit, but want to make sure its legal and all that first. thanks!