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    lawyer list?

    i fore one would like to see a list of gun rights or pro2a lawyers in n.c. no i dont need one now but, it would be nice to have a card in my wallet if i ever have to lawyer up. heck i would even pay for a consultation with one. if anyone knows of such a list , please post.
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    question about oc on hunting lands

    the questio pertains to hunting small game or big game with a hand gun. i see ther is some bill in progress to allow oc on state or federal game lands. this is very confusing to someone who may want to hunt with a hand gun. first , is it leagle to hunt small game with a hand gun? ie 22 revolver...
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    does cc make you anti oc ?

    i carry both ways. but ive read comments on this board to the effect that, a certain person who runs a certain organization is anti oc. i think that if one prefers one method over another, it does not make that person anti the other method. i have worked the tables at gun shows for the...
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    good logic or bad?

    i carry a hamerless 38 snubby. my reasoning is; safety and reliability. the only way for that gun to fire is a long heavy trigger pull. its compact, and i carry it cc at times and oc at times. i have a cc holster and a oc holster. since most encounters are at arms lenghth to 10 feet, i feel like...
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    sell your guns

    quick sell all your guns at a gun show today. then nobody will have guns....end of problem. if we do it now before any new registration laws it beats giving them to atf. im glad i thought of that. simple solutions call for simple action. the city of chicago and other major crime capitals do it...
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    exelent leo encounter

    went thru a license check and notified the cop that i had a cc and a gun, he said dont worry about it, just show your drivers license. no problem. he was very polite and thanked me for notifying and didnt ask to see the cc permit or the gun.
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    on a lighter note

    lets hav a debate on ; wether left handed shooters are better shots than right handed. im a lefty and i can outshoot most of my right handed freinds. and ive done some one holer's with an M1. back in the day.
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    my tactical mistakes?

    im just relating an experience. i live in a woods. a gun was fired at night outside my home. very close to my house and i dont know why. i got my shot gun and stood in a darkened room where i could see both entrances to my house. i called 911 to report it and told the operator that i had a gun...
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    snubby retention?

    does anyone know of a good open carry retention holster for a hamerless 2inch .38 snubby?....left handed? i have a cc for it and somtimes just clip it to my pocket. but no retention.
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    oc, no big deal

    i live in an oc state. been living here for over 30 years and have never seen an oc. exept security guards. i think partly because its not taboo, partly because most prefer cc. i dont want to oc. because i feel i may be a target for a grab. i cant see everyone or read anyones mind. in my...