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    Ammo help

    imported post For my .45 i have been using Speer gold dot Hollow points. For my 9mm i have been using my dad's reloads, but i only have 100 or so rounds left and i would like to know who makes good self defense rounds in 9mm that is relatively cheap. Same thing for .45 ACP.
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    imported post Well i understand you are able to openly carry a loaded firearm in unincorporated areas. What is the definition of unincorporated? Does it mean outside city limits?
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    Pit bulls

    imported post Well i have been OCing for 2 days, count em 2 days. I was riding my horse over to a friend's at about 7:00 AM to go call coyotes, on the way there i saw a group of 3 pit bulls further down the trail (wild by the looks of it). Well i have always been raised thinking pit bulls as...
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    Ruger sr-9

    imported post Well im have some money coming pretty soon and ive been looking at the Ruger sr-9. Whats your opinion about it for carrying it? I personally have shot it before and i achieved really good groups (around 2" at 25 yards) and it is very comfortable for me compared to my rather bulky...
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    Remington R-15

    imported post Well im starting to buy some of my own guns and ive been looking at the Remington R-15 and R-25 but i don't know if they are legal or not in good ole Comifornia. Thanks- John
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    Need help understanding laws

    imported post Well im not the best understanding reader when it comes to reading laws. Well i have been wanting to open carry for a while but i have been to young (im 19 now) and after visiting http://www.californiaopencarry.org and reading a few articles i still dont know much. So can someone...