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    BUYER BEWARE - www.qualitytargets.com

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    BUYER BEWARE - www.qualitytargets.com

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    Wikileaks Apache Video

    imported post I apologize if this takes bandwidth although I think this merits discussion here. A lot of the comments in youtube are of people saying this was entirely murder..etc etc. Although I have to disagree to a certain extent. Lets put this in context. This was in Baghdad which was a...
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    OC means Wild Wild West all over again..

    imported post Lol so I found this article pretty funny. It was based off a Stanford article and it does make perfect sense how the murder rate was in fact so low because... EVERYONE HAD GUNS. Who is going to go off murdering people when that person knows everyone has a gun? You would have to be...
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    Fox News Front Cover Open Carry Article

    imported post Wow.. They mention Ca too. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. I don't think we need a bunch of people reading this article and being arrested for being within 1000 feet of a school zone. Too many people believe what they see on the news without researching. Scary...
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    Verteran OC'ers.. Need your help!

    imported post So I have been in contact with a certain individual who has the authority to contact Jerry Brown, our Attorney General. The Attorney General frequently gives opinions on certain issues or laws. He may only take these requests from judges, Ca agencies..etc. Due to the recent abuses...
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    Woman shot 9 times..

    imported post Yikes. I wonder if she ever was really going to use it? Or just wanted to scare him? Either way it serves as a deterrent for hothead alcoholics that may want to own a gun or already do. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/21929709/detail.html GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- No...
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    Video footage of fight last night

    imported post So me and my friend useph get done with the bars around 3 am and go to adanbertons, a mexican food restaurant open 24/7. This guy starts talking crap to this other guy in a blue shirt for no reason telling him to "stare at your food bitch.. blah blah". The guy talking crap in the...
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    Best Gun Combo Lock Box???

    imported post So I currently have the one below. This one sucks, you get what you pay for. It does not open easily at all, there is literally no opening or anything to grab to get it open, you have to use your hands on each side of the box and pry it open with nothing but friction... the last...
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    My friend's parents robbed on Thanksgiving

    imported post I used to work with a guy and apprently his parents were just robbed at their house in citrus heights recently. When he used to work with me we always spoke about guns and how he should get one. 3 weeks ago he stopped by the office for a visit and told me he just recently turned...
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    Sac State Murder

    imported post Hello, I am wondering on the progress of your group. Recently there was a murder at my campus dorm. I found our policy for handguns on the dorms. Are there currently any campuses that allow weapons in their on-campus dorms or on campus? It would seem like for me to be able to...
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    Sacramento State Murder

    imported post He was murdered 30 minutes after I left the campus. I love how the school pres says "we do everything we can to ensure safety" though they don't allow me to carry a gun to defend myself against these psycho's... makes me sick going to this school. They don't even allow you to own...
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    OC on motorcycle..

    imported post Because it seems to make sense that they could, if they can stop a random OC'er walking on the street.
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    Vegas Question

    imported post So I'm visiting Vegas this weekend from Kali. I have a concealed weapons permit for Nevada. I want to carry a loaded gun in my packed bag, not on my person. I will be inebriated for most of the trip which would be illegal for me to have above a .08 carrying. Though, can I have my...
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    Sheriff mcginnis on Rob Arnie and Dawn this morning

    imported post Hey everyone IDK if you missed Rob Arnie and Dawn this morning though I listen every once and awhile. He was speaking about on July 1st his department will have huge budget cuts and less police on the streets and he was speaking about his claim to raise CCW issuance.Some people...
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    Californian here wondering about Vegas Gun Show..

    imported post So I've never been, though apparently when I'm in vegas around July 4th, it will be in town. Are there good deals? If so, on what? Can I do a private party purchase with someone without a background check? What I mean is, is there a waiting period? Becuase I will only be in Vegas...
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    Hello all. Anyone from Folsom?

    imported post Hello. So I'm going to Nevada this weekend to get my concealed weapons permit. I don't find myself in Nevada more than twice a year so this was only to exercise my rights under the 2nd amendment. That was until 10 minutes ago when I thought I'd jump into the California Forum. I...
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    Legal to Have loaded? Safety on? off?

    imported post Hello, I will be taking a trip to Nevada this weekend for the first time with a holstered weapon. Being from California I am unfamiliar to the correct way to have it holstered or in my car. Edit: the only questions I now haveare.. Can I have the chamber loaded while OC'ing? I...