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    Walker's opinion on the new DOJ rules

    Exclusive interview with Richard Moore of the Lakeland Times. Very nice reading. http://www.lakelandtimes.com/main.asp?SectionID=9&SubSectionID=9&ArticleID=13993
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    Shooting in Three Lakes, Wisconsin today

    http://newsofthenorth.net/article/News_Briefs/Headline_News_Briefs/Two_suspects_hunted_in_Three_Lakes_shooting/115391 TOWN OF THREE LAKES -- Police say a man was shot at his home in Three Lakes and two suspects are at large. According to a press release, police said they received a 911 call...
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    Sniper in Adams County?

    Anyone hear about these shootings near Hwy 73 and F in Adams Cty? This was posted last night from RadioReference - Wisconsin Scanner forums. Found nothing on the news, be careful if you live in the area if this is true...
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    Good LEO encounter

    Wasn't OC'ing but the subject came up. Yesterday I needed to contact the local police about a restraining order violation. (yes I know they're worthless) A gentleman who I have a RO against contacted my place of employment yesterday in violation of the order. I called immediately to report it...
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    Somebody here missing their gun in Milwaukee?

    imported post June 9, 2010 4:12 p.m. Milwaukee police are investigating a robbery in which a man took a handgun from another man who was openly carrying the gun in a holster on his hip, a department spokeswoman said Wednesday.The robbery occurred Friday on a sidewalk in...
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    Vilas Co. Sheriff candidate

    imported post http://www.mailletteforsheriff.com/index.php/main/issues/#2nd Guess Niebuhr is retiring and this is the first I heard of this guy. Not bad on the 2A. Definitely doesn't want OC'ers harassed..... "I fully concur with this conclusion as put forth by the Attorney General’s office...
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    Hurting Open Carry one idiot at a time

    imported post I'm sorry if any of you might be offended by this post, I think most of you are much more reasonable than this. But this guys an idiot. Just found this at another forum, haven't seen it here or anywhere. He (illegally?) recorded telephone conversations with the Mauson police chief...
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    Fitchburg man kills intruder

    imported post Sounds good so far, especially because it's in one of those 'well heeled' neighborhoods. Like those are the only folks who need protection. Sue http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/crime_and_courts/article_b4185a76-a2fd-11de-8aa7-001cc4c002e0.html "A man who was most likely...