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  1. J

    Any place to store our handguns in VA while visiting DC on Saturday?

    My relative has asked me to go with him to DC this weekend. We will leave Ohio on Friday, visit some places like Monticello, proceed on to DC for a couple of hours (Million Vet March), and then back out. We're planning on coming up Route 29 converging with I-66. Are there any target ranges, gun...
  2. J

    Virtual House Arrest Ordered for Minors in East St. Louis

    I hope that it belongs in this sub-forum. http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2012/09/26/controversial-new-measures-planned-to-curb-violence-in-east-st-louis/#comments IMHO, this is an example of why those interested in preserving freedom cannot ignore many of the smaller infringements as they all add...
  3. J

    An officer and the police chief stopped me at the Highland County Fair

    Consensual encounter at the Highland County Fair with an officer and the police chief I open carried at the Highland County Fair this morning. Sometime after noon I was walking past a Hillsboro City officer that I know. He motioned me over to another area to talk. The Hillsboro City Police...
  4. J

    Huron County Fair strongly prohibits any carry, WTH!

    I didn't find this by search as having been posted before. The Huron County Fair in Norwalk, Ohio has clearly prohibited all carry at the fair AND claims that they will prosecute. Is there a reason such as the grounds being owned by a private entity or something? If so, it's curious that the...
  5. J

    Cross draw SA holster for open carry

    I'm getting ready to acquire a cross draw holster for a single action New Vaquero. This holster will see use everyday as CC and, on occasion, OC. I do various physical things throughout the day and ride street & dualsport (20% dirt - nothing hardcore) motorcycles everyday. The design has...
  6. J

    Were you open carrying in New Vienna Ohio?

    Was someone open carrying on State Route 73 in New Vienna Ohio at about 12:50am today? My son was coming home from work and saw the officer giving you some trouble so he parked across the street to make sure things went well. If you're on here, post some details if you feel comfortable. Also...