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    OC Cinimagic - Hooksett NH

    Hi Everyone, I OC/CC just about everywhere anyway but after the Aurora shooting I was thinking of OCing to The Dark Night in Hooksett this weekend. I dont like the stigma associated with guns right now and feel like I want to increase the populations exposure to SAFE, RESPONSIBLE gun owners in...
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    Hopkinton Fair OC Today

    Hi Everyone, Today I OC'ed at the Hopkinton fair and thought I'd share my experiences with everyone given the recent Fair Season discussion. I carried my Glock 19 in a black leather Galco belt holster. The holser is the type which leaves the barrel exposed and has no strap or thub break. My...
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    Questions about surrendering firearms to police...

    imported post I open carry very often and while it hasn't happened yet, I'd like to know what my rights are when I'm asked by police to surrender my weapon. Here's an example of where I'm unsure: Whenever I'm stopped by police I always shut the car off, turn on the overhead light, open...