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    open carry at the dmv?

    has anyone open carried at a dmv location? i need to visit one tomorrow and not sure if i should oc or cc.
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    open carry biddeford walmart

    Just wanted to share a good experience while open carrying at Walmart today. i went to walmart to purchase some ammo today (and they had alot of pistol ammo in stock btw) i was open carrying 2 pistols my usp40 in my owb hip holster and my bodyguard .38 in a iwb but very visible holster in the...
  3. M

    Old orchard beach

    Headed to walk around oob with the family today. It will be my first time oc'ing there not sure what to expect. Most likely high traffic it's a nice day
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    open carry friendly

    summer is just around the corner and concealed carry gets harder as the clothes get lighter. does anyone know if there is a local list of open carry friendly businesses? if not i will try to create one please submit any places that you have verified are supportive. post if you have carried...
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    anti gun hearings for the next week

    Monday, April 8 at 10:00 a.m. LD 267 burdens law-abiding citizens by mandating background investigations for all firearm transfers performed by occasional sellers at gun shows. LD 380 repeals important provisions necessary to protect your inherent right to self-defense. LD 997 bans standard...
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    activists in the southern region of maine

    hello all i am putting this out to gauge interest in positive open carry and information sharing with general public in the Portland and 20 mile area surrounding. possibly handing out fliers about gun laws and gun legislation send me a private message if you have any interest. with the weather...
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    disarmed during traffic stop

    i was recently pulled over by a state trooper who claimed he pulled me over for having tinted taillights. just fyi they are not tinted they are the factory installed taillights he argued with me about this for a few minutes but that is not the point no ticket was issued. my issue was that my...
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    The end of open carry in Maine!!

    STOP LD 380 NOW An Attempt to Ban Open Carry in Maine "An Act To Clarify the Law Concerning the Threatening Display of Dangerous Weapons" SUMMARY: This bill amends the law regarding threatening display or carrying of a dangerous weapon by clarifying that "display in a threatening manner"...
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    alchohol and guns

    does anyone know if the law for guns and alchohol is zero tolerance or like driving meaning be under the limit? example if i have a drink at dinner at a friends house and i am still way under the legal oui limit and happen to end up dealing with a police officer and he finds out i am carrying...
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    open carry with ccw permit

    i was told today that since i have my ccw permit i am not allowed to carry openly. Maine is an open carry friendly state and this doesn't make sense to me. why would having the extra permit that allows concealed carry remove the right to open carry? i cant find any specific rule that states...
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    york county fish and game

    kind of off topic but is anyone a member of ycfga im looking for info on joining but their website doesnt provide easy access to it thanks