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  1. D

    Missouri Open Carry decals...

    I have a ton of these round decals and I am selling them for $5 a piece and 4 for $15 if you'd like them message me. These are the same logo that fellow member Steve Randall designed. The open carry bears on the missouri seal. I will be working in Kc mo every week and traveling back and forth...
  2. D

    I know I'll get an argument out of this but what the hell...

    imported post Looking for opinions. Don't jump my butt for thinking outside of the box. Would it be a bad thing to open carry in the smaller areas or even larger areas where it would obviously be useful? I.e. "the bad part of towns" Maby while doing something helpful like taking donations for...
  3. D

    Really bass pro? Really?

    imported post So today in bass pro of blue springs I'm asked to leave or pit a trigger lock on my glock. Hell no, again! I told them I'm allowed to just like the concealed carriers are. I'm calling corporate today, I'm tired of being discriminated against for not concealing. No one...
  4. D

    Bass pro in independance.

    imported post I live near st. Charles. I'm in Kansas city for work. At home in "not allowed" to oc in bass pro.(st. Chuck) my friend just bought an xd and wanted a blackhawk serpa like I have for my glock. I just bought an Israel desert eagle .44 and wanted to oc it for fun. He used my glock...
  5. D

    Open carry barbq.

    imported post Ok guys I'm planning an oc day. I'm looking for suggetions on places and amount willing to attend. I'm thinking it will be mid to late April.
  6. D

    Mid rivers mall

    imported post The doors have the circle and slash over a gun decal but legally they don't count. I suppose they could ask you to put your gun in the car... But until then I'd carry. Just a few moments ago I gave it a test and no one said a thing. If the do ask you to put your protection in...
  7. D

    State bs city...

    imported post To what limit could one be prosecuted for OC in a city who outlaws it? Is it a mere "take that home son" and a fine? And yes I am familiar with "it dosent have to make sense, it's the law." This still spins my head in circles yelling WTF!