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    Transitioning From CC to OC?

    imported post I know that there was some discussion earlier in another thread about transitioning from CC to OC and the possibility of "Brandishing". My question is, if I am CC'ing because it is cold outside (perhaps I am wearing winter coat) and I enter a building and decide to take my jacket...
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    Armed Citizen Thwarts Robbery!

    imported post http://www.wthr.com/Global/story.asp?S=7565465&nav=menu188_2 Customer pulls gun, stops robbery Richard Essex/Eyewitness News Indianapolis - It was a busy night Mondayat Buck's IGA on the 3000 block of South Meridian Street. "Charlie," who didn't want his image or name used with...
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    Strange Encounter

    imported post On Thanksgiving Day I had to run some errands, so I went OC'ing. I stopped by the Safeway off Old Bridge Road and Prince William Parkway to get some things. As I was standing in line at the counter, I noticed that someone had gotten in line right behind me. Wemade upthe line in...
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    Quantico Arms Sale (Woodbridge)

    imported post Just an FYI - I was in Quantico Arms this past Sunday and was told that they are "overstocked" on firearms and that they would be having a sale this weekend. I don't know what kind of sale but they did say that they were overstocked on firearms and needed to get rid of some.
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    OC Monkey Shirts with Pocket for Recorder?

    imported post How about getting some OC Monkey shirts with breast pockets for recorders?
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    Digital Recorder

    imported post I recall seeing a post somewhere on the forum a while ago where somebody posted a picture of a nice, compact, long playing, clear digital recorder that would be good for LEO encounters. Can somebody point me in the right direction?
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    Which Parks?

    imported post I am not clear on what parks allow OC in Virginia? Is is State Parks that prohibit OC? How about National Parks?
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    Springfield XD-45

    imported post For what it is worth, Quantico Arms in Woodbridge has a sale on Springfield XD-45's with 3 clips for $439. Sounded like a good deal.
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    Tony 7

    imported post Maybe I have overlooked a thread on this forum, but can anyone tell me what was the outcome of the Tony's 7 event. (link?)
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    Browning BDM

    imported post I have a Browning BDM. There weren't a lot made. The frame is very thin but it still carries 15 rounds. I find that mine shoots better than my Beretta 92. I bought it because it is so thin. Does anyone else carry a BDM?