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    Guys, need advice on a detention

    I was at Northglenn Walmart and would not show receipt to employees or the police. In short I was handcuffed temperely detained and disarmed while loss prevention reviewed the tapes. In the end I was humiliated, talked down and banned from all Wal-Mart stores then let go. Looking for lawyer...
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    Flying to Tennessee & Virginia from Colorado

    I have a chp and in Colorado it's pretty cut & dry on where I can and can't go. So is there any gotcha's I may encounter in TN or VA while open or concealed? Thank you
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    Cabelas Thornton experience

    Couple of things here. I mostly been cc"ing but about a month ago me and my son came in both with heavy jackets. I decided to open carry. So I took my 2 year old's jacket off then mine. As I'm putting everything in our cart the people greeter says in a real hard voice " if you pull out you...
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    MDA is making its way to colorado

    And they coming after us, yup the oc'ers. They come in thru sneaky ways like on facebook. Look up grand junction gun club. Sneaky name with a nasty agenda. Feel free to drop in and let them have some. I was... And I got banned. I guess I saw thru their incoherent babble and catchy phrases so...
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    our seniors

    I have been raised to respect/listen to older people. You know .. the once that complain about their retirement pay, Medicare and costs of living for senior citizens. Yup, those people that blow their Monthly checks at Blackhawk while complaining that they can't affot a new walker. Anyhow I...
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    Hey guys, sorry can't post a link but there is a new video about PD interaction is Aurora.... Someone with a shotgun. Anyone seen it? Was it someone on here?
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    interesting read from Virginia

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    this article makes me sad and angry

    Sad.. because of a baby who will never know his father Angry.... because this trash that walks among us...
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    no weapons allowed per state law.

    Ok so I was going to ccw in to this club/bar however I seen this sign. WTF? What state law are the talking about? This is Commerce city. Any help guys would be great..
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    weapons not allowed in a bank?

    Ok so I was cc carring into a bank but it was obvious cc since I had a shirt over my paddle holster/Glock 17. As I entered a man ...who I assumed had to be the Wells Fargo people greeter told me "no weapons are allowed in banks" thou he didn't ask me to leave directly, I chose to leave and most...
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    who can tell you to leave ?

    Scenario.. You walk into a fast food joint. The old lady behind the counter is visible uncomfortable with you OC then says weapons are not allowed and you will have to leave. Obviously she is not the business owner nor are there any signs posted at entry. Let's pretend this happened in Thornton...
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    About the guy who was arrested at the thornton theater...

    So I recorded my conversation with the Thornton PD about the open carry laws... but my voice upload is in 3gp Anyone know how to load it up here?...