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    Westcliffe open carry parade?

    Does anyone know if there's going to be an open carry parade in Westcliffe July 4 this year? (Admittedly it emphasizes long gun even though it welcomes handguns, so it may be off-topic here.) At least one link that I find when I attempt google-fu is to a flyer from a couple of years ago that...
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    Hmm maybe I was wrong.

    Nevermind. I found the answer finally with the right google fu--it appears to be OK. I was under the impression that it was legal for me, as someone from outside of Illinois, to keep a firearm in my hotel room (as long as I am careful to transport it correctly). The other day I spoke to a...
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    Car to pedestrian transition

    I have very pro-gun friends in Ohio I sometimes come to visit. I see by the information page that one may not open carry in a vehicle without a concealed carry permit, but otherwise Ohio is fairly OC friendly (almost as much so as Colorado (outside of the Cesspit and County of Denver). Being...
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    Well it wasn't much but I did OC today

    Colorado Springs area I have until today OCed in gun stores, shooting ranges and the homes of people who are staunchly pro gun; places that clearly would approve, fairly often in the past. (NB: Dragonman's is an exception--don't bring a gun in there without prior approval.) It's not...
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    Traveling in CA by car

    I will be traveling by car from Colorado to New Orleans, spending a few days there, then driving from New Orleans to Riverside CA, spending a few days there, then returning here. I don't want to assume this travel is simply covered by the federal laws regarding traveling through a state that is...