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    Thoughts on suggesting a needed memo to law enforcement agencies on SB656

    I borrowed this from a Cincinnati Ohio Law Enforcement Memo and revised it and would love some more input on it. I would like to send a final draft to law enforcement agencies to suggest it become an official memo to their staff. I'm not willing to touch on Amendment 5 just yet. I work for St...
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    For those not watching everything going on OC with a permit passed

    Guess What Just Landed on my Desk? I work for St. Louis County Justice Services and what they call "Request for fiscal impact" for TAFP ....SB 656 (5082-04) just hit my email this morning. These go out to administrators of any affected departments, school districts and the like to get our input...
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    Status of SB 268?

    Anyone know the status of SB 268. Am I reading the bill right that this would end local ordinances that are against open carry and basically make the open carry law similar to the CCW law? http://openstates.org/mo/bills/2013/SB268/documents/MOD00005630/