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    How to sell a long gun in Oklahoma

    I just moved here from California last month and need to sell my rifle. Being from CA where we have more gun laws than the largest law firms can sort out I am a bit overly cautious. I have been told that here in OK we can sell guns with nothing more than a bill of sale and not to anyone we know...
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    CCW question

    In April of 2009 I got my WA resident CCW License while I was stationed in WA. In July 2009 I was Honorably discharged and returned to my home state of California. My questions are: Is my license still valid since I am no longer a Washington resident? Can it simply be transferred over to a...
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    Letters to San Diego Candidates

    All of these emails were sent around 3am 21 Oct. This first email was sent to Mr. Dave Jones (D) who is running for Insurance Commissioner. Mr. Jones, I wanted to take a minute to let you know that even though John and Ken are endorsing you Lori Saldonas endorsement weighs even more. Lori...
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    Don't worry, you don't need your firearm at the Post Office.

    http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/10/18/national/main6969132.shtml Que that picture of robbers stopping at no guns sign.
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    Taurus Troubles

    I took the family to the range the other night and after shooting about 70 rounds my sister in law raises her weak hand. I approach and she says she pulled the trigger and nothing happened (first time shooting). So I have her put the safety on and I take the firearm. At this point I am thinking...
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    Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Pros and Cons

    So these are the Pros and Cons I have come up with. Pros: Double action Double Stack Mags Thumb Safety Break down tool included/built in Large Beaver Tail 3 Interchangeable Grips included Cons: Slide releases uncommanded randomly when reloading. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4uyFOZY3bg...
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    Sheriff's deputy mistakenly fires eight shots at robbery victim, misses

    WEST HOLLYWOOD -- A sheriff's deputy fired eight shots at a man he believed to have just robbed a West Hollywood liquor store early Sunday, but his target turned out to be the just-robbed clerk, and the actual suspects got away. The deputy-involved shooting occurred around 2 a.m. near...
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    Police Chief Magazine Article

    I wish all police chiefs were this smart. http://policechiefmagazine.org/magazine/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_arch&article_id=757&issue_id=122005 Chief's Counsel Because it is legal in most states to carry a handgun if properly licensed, a report that an individual possesses a handgun...
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    I have questions to ask an FFL holder.

    Any FFL holders in CA I have some questions to ask you regarding the laws that govern your operations. Please forgive the vagueness of this post, as it is not prudent to let the antis know our plans yet. Please IM me if you are willing to answer questions about the laws.
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    October SoCal Meetup

    Lets go hang out with fellow like minded patriots and enjoy Oceanside pier. The Pre-Election Tea Party will take place at the Oceanside Pier Ampatheater on Oct 10th from Noon to 4pm. For more information go to http://taxteapartyoceansideca.weebly.com We will meet up at 404 Mission Ave in the...
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    Is UOC illegal in Oceanside by city ordinance?

    I know there have been meetups in Oceanside before and I believe this ordinance has been vetted before however, I don't remember the outcome. The city of Oceanside municipal code chapter 20 section 10 states: No person shall be or appear in any street, alley, sidewalk, parkway or any public...
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    What's going on in San Diego

    So I apologize for disappearing on everyone. Life has been crazy. I had to move at the last minute while starting a new job and school both full time and just now got internet hooked up at home. I have kept up to date on the UOC ban and its failure and Ed Perutas case sounds like it's going...
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    Jan 3 San Pedro PRAR Request Denied!!

    imported post Katarina A. Thomas, Lieutenant Acting Officer-in-Charge, Discovery Section, Risk Management Division denied my PRAR request in its entirety. Attached in the second post is my initial request and all other documents will be attached asap. I was keeping my PRAR request quiet...
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    So Cal UOC Adopt a Highway

    imported post Ok I think it is time to branch out instead of just hanging out. I tried to do community service in Nov. but was turned down by many organizations. So I propose we adopt a section of highway under the Adopt a Highway program. http://adopt-a-highway.dot.ca.gov/index.htm I believe...
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    LOC in front of my Mother in Law

    imported post So with all of the stigma that comes with firearms and open carry I agreed with my wife not to OC in front of her mother for awhile. One day when her Mother was over at our house I happened to be carrying open instead of concealed which I normally do at home. When her Mother...
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    Hospital GFZ???

    imported post Full story to come when I am more awake. Tonight I had an interaction with SDPD and they were trying to figure out if there is a GFZ around hospitals and parks. I know that the park municipal code is no firearms in county or city parks but there is no GFZ around the park. My...
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    Santa Carrys a gun too!

    imported post Fun game. I wonder if Santa has to abide by the GFSZs as well? http://www.addictinggames.com/santaxmasnightmare.html
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    Open Carry on Facebook!!

    imported post I stumbled upon this new group on facebook tonight. There was no mention of OCDO or COCDO so I posted this: To learn more about open carry you can go to opencarry.org and californiaopencarry.org. These are the two main sites for open carry and have a wealth of information. As for...
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    Highway rest stop UOC restrictions?

    imported post I will be traveling up I 5 and highway 99. Are there any UOC restrictions for rest stops? If so where would I find these as I have not been able to so far.
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    Nov. San Diego Meetup Info

    imported post The November San Diego meetup will be at Tuna Harbor Park right next to the USS Midway on 22 Nov at 10:30am. We will be walking the boardwalk and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Harbor and getting breakfast or lunch at one of the local restaurants. We will meet up at the...