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    imported post Location had to be changed due to unfounded complaints from Greater Vallejo Recreation District. New Location: Independence Park on Mare Island Way. See attached map. More details in original picnic posting. PLEASE PASS THE WORD!!!
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    Vallejo Open Carry Picnic and Fundraiser for Vallejo Youth 4/3/10

    imported post Location is set! Independence Park on Mare ISland Way in Vallejo, CA 94590. We will be providing BBQ and all the sides! FREE! We will also be asking people to donate a few dollars to the Vallejo Youth and Recreation Summer and After school Scholarship Program. This will provide...
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    imported post We NEED all the open carriers we can possibly muster! PLEASE try to attend and bring everyone you possibly can! We need to show Brady that we will not be intimidated and also show Starbucks that we appriciate them and will bring them business as long as they extend the welcome to...
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    Bay Area Open Carry NEXT MONTHLY MEETING! Vallejo 04/03/2010

    imported post This is going to be BIG! We want 200+ for a good family style BBQ. Burgers and hotdogs and all the fixin's The location is right near downtown. The farmers market should also be going on as well. So plan to stock up on some good local fruits and veggies! Stay tuned for the...
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    Palo Alto 3/6 Meet

    imported post Who ever is coordinating this... should be advertising and reminding people of it?? Im not sure who it is but plenty of people jumped in my $hit for scheduling a conflicting one, yet the turnout will not be that great is no one knows about it.... (as i didn't know about it) So...
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    NEW Open Carry Info Cards - Business Card Sized Has Basics on UOC

    imported post Hello all, I had business card sized info cards made with the basics of open carry printed on them. I was tired of always having to carry big brochures and wasting them when I would carry them too long. This way you can ALWAYS have some info to pass out with you at all times...
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    Bay Area Open Carry NEXT MONTHLY MEETING! Vallejo 03/06/2010

    imported post RESCHEDULED TO 4/3/10 PLEASE SEE http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum12/36801.html Please try to attend the Palo Alto meet if you can!
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    Todays news paper article about bay area open carry

    imported post I was busy buying every oakland tribune and contra costa times today when at a shell station in emeryville I had an interesting conversation with the cashier who had been taking with customers about open carry all day. So I think we are actually making a positive difference. Plus...
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    Small pocket sized video camera on sale

    imported post http://deals.ebay.com/deals
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    Next Bay Area Meet! Walnut Creek, CA 2/6/10 Saturday @ 11:00AM

    imported post First, I would like to say I had a GREAT time meeting all of you and seeing some of you again. We discussed making this a monthly meet. We loosely decided to make it the first Saturday of the month and try to rotate around the bay area to cover most of it over time. We planned...
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    Is this loaded? PIC INCLUDED

    imported post While 12031(g) says: A firearm shall be deemed to be loaded for the purposes of this section when there is an unexpended cartridge or shell, consisting of a case that holds a charge of powder and a bullet or shot, in, or attached in any manner to, the firearm, including, but not...
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    Cheap VOICE RECORDER $9.99 + s/h 26 hrs of rec time

    imported post Hope someone can use this! ENDS in 19 HOURS!! GET IT NOW!!! http://www.dealsclick.com/default.aspx This compact recorder features 64 MB of built-in flash memory, which means you can record up to 26 hours of audio. With the Automatic Voice-Activated Record (AVR) function, the...
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    ATTEMPTED e check by a security guard......

    imported post First I wanted to say thanks to all of you for the world of knowledge I have gained from all of your insightful post and answers to my questions, and now on to the story. I have been having problems with UOC and my apartment complex, security and the local PD... so last night I...
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    Tac thigh holster question

    imported post I hate to always be the one with the idiot questions but I am looking for a bit of input. Not going in to too much detail, I want to make sure my UOC is 100% visible as a certain people :cuss: have an issue with visibility... That is all I am going to say on that matter. I am...
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    Shotgun Carry.....

    imported post Well unfortunately I cannot go in to detail, because of an impending criminal complaint.... I am trying to find the law regarding open carry of unloaded shotguns. Apparently my local police department has a problem with UOC (and eye sight) and decided to seize my handgun as...
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    Apartment Complex Carry?

    imported post Please forgive me if this has already been brought up, the search feature makes me sift thru all states and this is more of a state specific question.... I live in a not so great apartment complex... not bad by any means, but far from the Ritz. I UOC most of my day around town...
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    Magazine Holder

    imported post I am new to the OC movement, I want to make sure I am 100% in compliance. I have a holster that is fine but for my magazines I have a police duty belt style dual mag holder. It holds the mags but pretty much covers them from view ther then the top and bottom. I know that having...