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    To help clear up some California confusion on Open Carry..

    Just to clear a few things up for all of you out-of-staters :) Unloaded Open Carry is the only legal means of carry we have in incorporated areas, that does not require permission from the governments. In rural areas, Loaded Carry is legal where discharge of a a firearm is legal. We can also...
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    San Luis Obispo co Sheriff race.

    imported post I got some good one-on-one time with Sheriff candidate Jerry Lenthal. I asked what his policy will be if elected; will he authorize Shall Issue, or keep the current rights violating May Issue of past Sheriff's. He told me, the only policy he will retain, will be the range test...
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    Army's OC thread

    imported post CA_Libertarian rightly pointed out that too many folks, including me, were hi-jacking his OC carry thread and taking it off its original course. This thread is mine, and comments are especially welcome :)