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    NICS Question

    Correct me if I am wrong but when this background check system was first set up it applied only to handgun purchases. Does it now apply to all firearm purchases from an FFL and if so what year did this come into effect?
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    Time Magazine Jan.28/13 Pages 35 & 36

    On these pages it shows various gun control laws in the U.S . states that seem to be very inaccurate. 1. It shows that NJ is an open carry state which I believe is incorrect. 2. It says that there is purchaser waiting period in the states of PA & SD(?), last time I was in PA the person behind...
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    Time for some real freedom ?

    While the long gun registry repeal is(finally) great news,what about all of the rest of the garbage that was passed by the Liberals in 1995? How about a movement to restore the real(relative) freedom we had before all the licensing bullsh*t was imposed on us? And what is this crap that you need...
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    Anyone from Pt. Roberts here ?

    Has anyone who lives in Pt. Roberts been hassled by Canada when transporting guns from the rest of Wa. state ?
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    RE: McD. v Chicago Ruling

    RE: McD. v Chicago Ruling Are you people in NYS going to sheepishly tolerate the 6 month wait and all the other bulls*** to get this " pistol permit " ?
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    Legal Question?

    If a person who legally owns a handgun in Canada and lives on a say 100 acre farm can that person legally carry either open or concealed as long as that person remains on his property ?
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    Prosecuted ?

    imported post How many people in Canada have been prosecuted for not registering their long guns ?
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    Status of Registry Repeal and.....

    imported post What is the status of the long gun reg. repeal and if its already come to a vote what is the status of the Liberal & NDPers who voted for the repeal back in November 2009?
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    Federal law re: interstate handgun sales

    imported post While handgun purchases from a FFL are banned across state lines, what is federal law regarding private handgun sales across state lines? Legal ?
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    2 Questions.....

    imported post 1. When is the Supreme Court expected to give a ruling re. McDonald v Chicago 2. Shouldn't the 2A apply to everyone who is legally in the U.S. ?
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    No training for CCW ?

    imported post What other states beside PA do not require any training to get a concealed carry license ?
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    Private handgun sales in NE ?

    imported post The map on this web site says that private sales are legal but doesn't a person need a handgun "permit to purchase" for private sales as well as purchases from a FFL ?
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    Handgun " safety course" details

    imported post Correct me if I am wrong but this course has been in place since Jan.1/2003 ?Is it required for private transfers also ? More info re: cost & length of course.
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    Anti-Gun movies....One at a time,now !

    imported post One of the worst is in the 1985 movie "Witness" with Harrison Ford hiding out in a PA Amish community.The scene involves an elder talking to a young boy that Fords handgun is "the evil gun of the hand" and the boy should stay clear of it.
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    Private handgun sales & paperwork ?

    imported post Of the states that allow private handgun transfers are there any that require some form of paperwork by law ?
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    Re: NCIS background check

    imported post Does the background check involve only felonies committed in the U.S. or does it go to crimes committed outside the U.S. ? No,I am not a crook but just wondering.
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    OCing & state residency

    imported post Are there any states that allow OC but limit it to only the actual residents of that state ?
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    Spousal Consent Nightmare---When ?

    imported post To aquire a possession only licence you need the consent of your spouse to re-new or to get the license for the first time. When did this nightmare occur because when I first obtained my license in the fall of 2000 a signature of the spouse was not required ? Pls enlighten.
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    King of Libs--Lautenberg N.J.

    imported post Whatever happened to the bill in congress by Lautenberg that would ban private sales on a federal level, is it dead or is this lib clown still pushing it through ?
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    Re: handgun purchase--how many hoops?

    imported post What is the process simply to own a HG in NJ? Is it easier(!)in the more rural parts of the state ?