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    Young woman dragged from her car

    imported post Julia Corker, a senator's daughter was car jacked in the nation's capital. Does this give you second thoughts about how to protect citizens, Senator? What is your voting record on self defense, cork for brains? Senator Corker, I'm glad to hear that your daughter survived...
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    Michigan OC?

    imported post I was looking at this guy's documentation earlier, and can't find it now, which speaks to my inability to find what I saw yesterday, but more importantly, finding what I said in the past. So let me summarize: This guy in Michigan is complaining about being harassed by local LEOs...
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    Military Assault Weapons

    imported post Quick question? Why do soldiers hold these high tech weapons with the but stock practically on top of their shoulders? It looks so weird, ergonomically speaking. I see this all the time, in movies and authentic film clips. Why design an assault weapon with a stock, when it is...
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    Giving Zed Free Popcorn

    imported post Dear Zed, Try this: Pop your popcorn before leaving home, and store it in your fanny pack. Forget the melted butter. It soaks into fanny packs ... the best detergents cannot remove animal fats. And theater dectectives are more clever than ever! They will eat all your home...
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    Ultimate Test

    imported post Make your mission real. You cannot lie. Pretend you are lost, looking for the diner down the road that is famous in Sunnyvale. For hash browns. Surrender when police officers come boiling out to arrest you for being lost with a weapon. Gun? Why that's my right, you dumb son...
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    New Guns

    imported post But what happened to the Lightning Rifle? Seems to me this firm is grasping for straw, before sending business overseas. Yet I ordered a Birdseye Colt tonight .... Yet another firm sends orders to a secondary .... Looks to me like U.S Firearms is just another part of U.S...
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    The Left Handed Duke

    imported post An add for "The Duke", a hand-painted, fully sculpted holster and revolver replica inspired by the one John Wayne carried in his classic westerns (see in USA Weekend, for September 25-29.) This object de fart is offered by the Bradford Exchange. I looked at it for a few...
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    Auto Trigger

    imported post I saw a photo in in my local paper of a cop in New York City on patrol in the subway - with his finger IN the trigger guard of a high tech assault weapon. As opposed to a finger OUTSIDE the trigger guard. Who's training these girls?
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    imported post My timing was a little off, but I recently went through an exercise to document my firearms, but guess what? My computer's hard drive failed before I printed the spread sheet, and all was lost. This means I'll need to remove the grips AGAIN to record certain serial numbers...
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    I'm Ready for Coffee

    imported post in Sunnyvale, California recently invited me to an open carry coffee clatch. I have a lot legal pistols, but I would like to show off my Duke rig, along with one of my SAA pissolivers. The gun belt holds many rounds, and, of course the weapon will be unloaded. What do you...
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    Busted Cherry

    imported post Stuck one of my Colt Single Action Army revolvers(unloaded of course) in the back pocket of my blue jeans, and wandered outside to water the tomatoes. One vehicle drove by, and I became aware of a family altercation across the street - a woman was trying to take her kids away from...
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    1000 feet from a school?

    imported post http://www.greatschools.net/california/sunnyvale/schools/ This shows a map of Sunnyvale schools, with addresses, and so on. Plotting a 1000 foot perimeter is somewhat more complicated. I have never used one, but perhaps an old military grade range finder can answer your worries...
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    Washington State

    imported post As has been suggested, I'm going to start our own WA "DO NOT PATRONIZE" Database and will keep it current. You post businesses (Name of business and location, be specific, as there may be more of that business in any one city/area) that you have seen with a "No Guns" sign on the...
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    imported post I would appreciate any intelligence on the meaning of all the various letters that are attached to and sometime swallow OC (open carry). What, for instance, does UOC mean? Universal, unintentional, unaware, or what? Is there a thread/link to a glossary of these acronyms? Thank...
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    Advance Notice

    imported post Let me toss this idea out to all of you. I have not OC'd yet; I'm just a little uneasy about it. Your opinions, please: What do think of advising local law enforcement agencies of one's intent to OC? Iwould limit the letter to my intent, my name, and my address. Which of course...
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    Form Letters

    imported post to be CERTAIN you did not any wordsout. Then mail it, an be prepared to correct the errors you missed .... :uhoh:
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    Rain Check

    imported post I became aware of the "Open Carry Movement" when I heard an LEO mention it on myscanner in Sunnyvale, California, and it definitely caught my attention. Seems the local cops were sent to a Starbucks to investigate a report of "two men with holstered pistols". I froze the the movie...