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  1. K

    Phoenix app

    Phone app Hello, I am driving across country so I paid .99 cents for this app. Not to sure about it. I could not use my GPS on my phone I had to keep typing in the city. I had to submit a business that was not friendly.. any ways when I go across the states I will see how she does...
  2. K

    10 round magazine

    Hello, I have had my Kimber compact ultra ll for several years.I just always bought the 7 rd mags. Well so I decided that I want a 10 round mag. But those seem hard to find. It seems that you can only buy them from Kimber. Why is that? Or is there another MFG out there that makes them with...
  3. K

    So I am confused

    I was understanding that I could open carry in Colorado I live in CA and have a ccw but after reading this I guess I am not allowed Colorado don't recognize CA. So is this true http://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/open-and-concealed-gun-carry-laws-colorado.htm
  4. K

    New to open carry question

    Hello I have a CA ccw and will be traveling in and through NV. Is there a requirement on a holster ? I was going to use my IWB holster. I also carry a SA .45 cocked and locked. Would this be a issue ? Did not read any thing about chambered round. Thanks Karl
  5. K

    the maps

    Hello All, I am new to this site and looking at the maps page is wrong! I live in Ca. and the map in the open carry is right only when you are out in rural areas but on your restaurant page it shows you can OC and you can't . Karl