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    Any thoughts of local presidents or group presidents for different cities?

    imported post I would love to have a local rep for this site, that helps set up meetings, events and such for all of our local areas. I have been OCing here in the long beach area of southern california for over three weeks now, and have no plans to stop. I would love to have more events and or...
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    three weeks OCing and only one incident in seal beach

    imported post I have been OCing here in seal beach now for over three weeks now, and I have only had one run in with the local police, and it was very un eventful, quick and easy. The businesses around here have never said anything, most of the folks here seem to not even mind at all. I had...
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    gong to OC in belmont shores tonight

    imported post I am going to go down to belmont shores here in the long beach area tonight, this time I will my video camera with me, and if they ask, I will let them take my weapon out to inspect. thank you all for your advise. I will let you know how it goes. I love this site and even though I...
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    First time out OCing and had a run in with the law

    imported post I was out in the Seal Beach area today, from about 3pm till about 10pm. I was OC'n the whole day. I spent time walking along the main street in seal beach with no problem all day, having lunch in one of the resturants, and going in to three different pubs that I know well. All of...
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    Looking for so cal meets, long beach area

    imported post I am a new member, and an Iraq and Afghanistan vet, looking for some meets to attend. I fully believe in this.