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    Dual Mag Pouch Recommendations

    I'm looking to get a dual owb mag pouch. Anyone have any recommedations, along with which ones to stay away from?
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    Ideas for this forum

    Last thread I created got deleted. This one probably will as well, since it goes beyond the scope of this forum. But thought I'd point out some ideas of some new sections that could be added. This seems to be the one stop shop forum on a national level for those that OC, which is cool. But...
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    Situational Awareness and Open Carry

    This is a real picture someone from another forum took. They were standing behind an OC person at a store. Note, he's also using a Serpa, and isn't using a gun belt. :banghead:
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    Do you carry 24/7

    Just wondering how often people carry. Do you carry 24/7, meaning every waking moment, around the house, in your yard, etc. Or only when you leave your property? I ask thinking of a home invasion. Wouldn't you want your gun at your side, and not locked in a safe at the other end of the house?
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    Drop Leg Holsters

    Just wondering if anyone has done any open carry using a drop leg holster, such as a Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Tactical Holster - http://gunholsters.com/blackhawk-serpa-level-2-tactical-holster If so, what was your experience with it?
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    OC with statute

    I know a lot of people OC with a video/audio on them to protect themselves and keep LEO's in check. But why not also carry a print out of the statute in your state, folded up in your back pocket. That way when a LEO tries to argue, you can show them the statute in writing taked from your...
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    Permit To Purchase

    I'm new here and to gun ownership. I'm taking a Basic Handgun class and Permit Course next month. I'd like to have a gun purchased and in my hands for the Permit Course. It appears that I need to apply for a Permit To Purchase. I have the form. I am purchasing from a web site that will be...