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    CADL Prepares for War...what will you do?

    Thank you all very much for reaching out to your various library boards and getting back to us with your interest in contributing to and joining the "friend of the court" brief to encourage the Michigan Supreme Court to hear Capital Area District Library's forthcoming appeal. We have recieved...
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    Can there be a perfect gun bill?

    I say NO!! Even if the legislature was stacked with hard core, George Washington type 2A activists and REPEALED EVERY GUN LAW in Michigan creating the most free state in the union, with Zero Regulation...gun owners, gun carriers, OCers and CCers alike would go bananas. Because there will always...
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    HYPOTHETICAL SB-59 dies, new bill offered

    hypothetical... SB-59 is dead. New bill offered, what say you. NO CPL needed to OC in bars/restaurants/Meijer(any liquor licensed place), theaters, Churches/synagogues and NO CPL needed to carry in a vehicle.. BUT!!! OC is illegal in schools, daycares, hospitals and stadiums. DO YOU...
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    Question for new Michigan Mods OT

    Was there an edict from OCDO given to you to close threads? It seems more threads are closed now than ever before. Some are closed for seemingly no good reason.
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    Questions for discussion

    1.Would you comply if a LEO ordered you to remove your firearm from your holster and place it on the ground? 2. Do you ever open carry with your gun in your hand? 3. If you answered "yes" to either 1 or 2, do you fear being shot by the LEO for touching your gun in their presence?
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    An unbiased article on open carry

    If only more interviews were done in this fashion. No spin, no misquotes...just a fair Q & A printed for the reader to decide how they feel. A Frank Talk About Guns: Q&A With Michigan Open Carry Spokesman Rob Harris...
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    CADL vs MOC July 11th 10am COA oral arguments

    The Michigan Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments for CADL vs MOC July 11th 10am. Main issues are argued will be...1. Is the field of firearms regulation fully preempted by the State? 2. Is open carry brandishing? The precedent set by this case will affect every gun owner in the state...
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    10/12/10 Warren OC complaint doesn't go well

    Now that Jeff's Warren case has been finalized, I felt I could release this audio without causing his case any problems. The original issue arose from a group of us open carriers going to the Warren PD to assist a friend who had been ticketed while OC with "miscellaneous cpl violation"(that...
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    As of 2/29/12, $70,154.60 is the current amount paid by CADL to it's attorney's. 372 billable hours @$185 per hour plus $1,334.60 in fees/mileage/ect. That is the residents of the CADL area's tax dollars at work. Being used to strip the citizens of Michigan of their right to open carry. Pissed...
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    How to ban OC at Hoedown..change venue

    WYCD and Detroit found a legal way to ban OC at the Hoedown this year...change venue. Now Comerica park is quite possibly public property as it is owned by an authority(there is that word again), but I highly doubt they will acquiesce and allow OC in Comerica Park. Good luck with the backlash...
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    OC in hospitals

    This is why PFZ's are idiotic, and OC in hospitals really isn't that hard to understand. "A 17-year-old man is facing multiple sexual assault charges after police say he attacked a patient at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor in August. University of...
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    Michigan Open Carry Chili Cook Off Picnic Oct. 2nd noon

    Join MOC for our fall Chili Cook Off Picnic! Everyone thinks their chili is the best...now it's time to find out who's reigns supreme! Bring your chili in a crock pot, the pavilion will have power to keep it hot. If chili isn't your thing, please feel free to bring another dish to pass. We will...
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    Now THIS is a pro gun news article

    I'm a little surprised they published this...but man is it good. http://detnews.com/article/20110821/OPINION03/108210306/Londoners-die-for-want-of-a-gun Defenders of the Second Amendment couldn't have asked for a greater gift than the spectacle of unarmed policemen and defenseless citizens...
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    Stop touching the trigger!!

    A woman suffered a superficial wound Friday when she was struck by a bullet fragment after a gun accidentally discharged during a gun and knife trade show at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens. The incident occurred at approximately 1:45 p.m. Macomb County Sheriff’s deputies and Mount...
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    Firearms banned at Muskegon Summer Celebration

    MOC has initiated contact with the directors of the Muskegon Summer Celebration. http://www.summercelebration.com/ They have a firearm ban we are working to reverse. Stay tuned for updates.
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    MOC is now on Twitter!

    For those of you with a Twitter feed, follow us @MichOpenCarry This is just one more way for us to stay connected to our members and supporters. www.twitter.com/michopencarry
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    MOC seminar Gander Mtn Novi, June 14th

    Free OC seminar at Gander Mountain in Novi at 7pm. 43825 West Oaks Drive Novi, MI 48377 (248) 380-4000 http://www.google.com/maps/vt/data=LtgX-e3f8ctI3U5dJtbt7EJ1ZfRneYme,JRUfCYbvHWINAqZTndFuc6OKmJBsCV_-Wt-QfS3wg3ZAJIxw-IrWGQg1h6LXD0PIHvpLqzkY0np-IM5YHzBwmqbqPTvX8czAtwZo9x6Pf4HvmcBAlw
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    March w/MOC in a Memorial Day parade!!

    MOC's application to march in Sterling Heights' Memorial Day parade has been accepted. We participated last year and it was one of the highlights of our year. Join us to honor the heroes who gave their lives to protect our rights. You do not have to OC to march with us, but OC is absolutely...
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    9th Circuit bolsters gun rights

    Circuit Court bolsters gun rights Posted: 03 May 2011 02:09 PM PDT In an important sequel to the Supreme Court’s two decisions on the right to have a gun, the Ninth Circuit Court has made it easier for gun owners to challenge laws seeking to regulate how that right can be exercised outside the...
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    MOC will be on WDIV Channel 4 news at 11:00pm tonight!

    WDIV News came to our Port Huron Gander Mountain seminar today. Tune in tonight! http://www.clickondetroit.com/index.html