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  1. J

    Good thing the students weren't armed

    I just received a lovely email from VCU, quoted verbatim below. Glad I'll be walking a block away from this intersection tonight on my way home from work, unarmed thanks to campus policy, because its safer that way. Good thing the students weren't armed, otherwise this might have been violent
  2. J

    Leaving for OBX tomorrow

    I'll be leaving for your state tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone had any pointers on the differences in law in NC as opposed to VA that I should watch out for? Looks like standard open carry allowed as a general rule. I wasn't sure on car carry if I needed it to be open, or locked up and...
  3. J

    No more police foot chases

    imported post http://www2.wspa.com/spa/news/local/article/mayors_memo_may_handcuff_police_officers/26918 Just reminds me of my dads favorite joke about the unarmed British police: "Stop... or I'll say Stop again!" Just about as ridiculous as those no guns signs. Criminals just do what they...