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    Attorney General Opinion 20-046

    That's the part that troubles me. The opinion is suggestive but ultimately unclear in its application. The conclusory paragraph says that the conduct Delegate Simon describes could constitute a violation of law. Maybe. Possibly. And what was that conduct? The opinion doesn't say. It's mentioned...
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    Attorney General Opinion 20-046

    A few weeks ago, Attorney General Mark Herring issued Opinion 20-046, which addresses "conduct at polling places that intimidates or harasses voters". It never actually states any definite conclusion, but suggests that open carry at the polls might be illegal.
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    St. Louis Zoo: communication log + TRO filing/status + legal/financial help needed

    The fundamental question here is what makes a permit "valid". In my view, that's an issue solely of the permit's status. Was the permit was properly issued? Is it unexpired and unrevoked? If so, then the permit is valid. The judge takes a different view, where the permit is "valid" only if it...
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    Jackson Mayor suspends open carry law amid COVID-19 pandemic

    Jackson can't ban the open carry of firearms, judge rules A federal judge ruled the city of Jackson cannot overturn the state right to open carry firearms — even amid a public health outbreak such as the coronavirus pandemic. The order, issued by U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III, means...
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    Jackson Mayor suspends open carry law amid COVID-19 pandemic

    https://www.wlbt.com/2020/04/26/jackson-mayor-suspends-open-carry-law-amid-covid-pandemic-receives-backlash/ Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba issued an executive order suspending the open carry law in the city during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lumumba made the announcement in a video uploaded to...
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    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    I'm back now. Has anybody from the Richmond area been able to confirm that the RRHA office is no longer posted?
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    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    I've been corresponding with Cory Wolfe, RRHA's general counsel. I've connected the dots for him by explaining the prohibition of Virginia Code §15.2-915, showing how it's applicable to RRHA, and respectfully demanding that the prohibition be rescinded. I've also been pressing the question of...
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    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    I've been informed that the Board's August meeting has been canceled.
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    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    Challenge accepted.
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    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    You remember incorrectly. From Virginia Code §15.2-915: "The provisions of this section applicable to a locality shall also apply to any authority or to a local governmental entity, including a department or agency, but not including any local or regional jail, juvenile detention facility, or...
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    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    That's in the context of housing units where residents live. This is an administrative office building where the Board of Commissioners holds its public meetings.
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    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) has an administrative office at 901 Chamberlayne Parkway in Richmond. The office has a sign in its public lobby reading, "NO FIREARMS OR WEAPONS ALLOWED ON THIS PROPERTY". This is a violation of Virginia's preemption statute. RRHA is a...
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    AG Herring: No weapons in courthouse

    From time to time we've considered whether §18.2-283.1 applies to the whole building where a court is housed, or if it's inapplicable to the parts of the building that are used for other offices. Some here have cited Bacon for the latter proposition. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring...
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    Firearms prohibited on Roanoke buses

    Roanoke Times, "Gun incident on Valley Metro bus called 'isolated'": Rather strange that there are two different versions of their firearms policy, both of which seem to violate state preemption. ValleyMetro.com, "About Us": I'll be following up on this after the long weekend.
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    Morrisville Little League games cancelled due to gun rallies

    http://www.wpxi.com/ap/ap/social-issues/pa-youth-games-cancelled-due-to-gun-rallies/nXpHb/ Interesting that it was the police who asked him to cancel. That last paragraph is a slight change from an earlier, related article: It'd be interesting to learn who's misinforming him.
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    "Man with a gun" causes school lockdown in Rocky Mount

    http://www.roanoke.com/news/roanoke/wb/300578 Two Franklin County schools were on lockdown for an hour Tuesday morning after a caller reported a man with a gun walking along Rocky Mount's North Main Street near the KFC restaurant, police said. [...] Because of the proximity to Benjamin...
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    Roanoke City Circuit Court extralegal demands for CHP

    I'll let my missive do the talking on this one. The law establishing a $50 maximum fee for a CHP application has been in effect since 1997. I wonder how many thousands of dollars in ill-gotten fees the court has collected over how many years? I guess we're about to find out. Ms. Hamilton...
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    Arrested at Salem Fair

    While attending the Salem Fair with my family, I was arrested by three members of the Salem Police Department. I recently sent a complaint to Jeff Dudley, Chief of Police. That missive appears below. Chief Dudley: I am writing to draw your attention to acts of misconduct recently committed...
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    Handcuffed and ejected from Festival in the Park

    At the end of May, I had an encounter with the staff of Festival in the Park. This Monday, I spoke to the Roanoke City Council about it. A video recording (RealPlayer format) of the meeting is available in the City Council's archives, with my address beginning at 2:17:44. You can also read my...
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    Roanoke "Music for Americans" Independence Day festival

    Every year, the City of Roanoke partners with the Roanoke Times to operate an Independence Day festival in Rivers Edge Park. I attended last year's festival with my wife and daughters, while openly carrying my pistol. Shortly after we arrived, I was confronted by three on-duty Roanoke police...