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    Interesting OCer

    While at work yesterday (Saturday), I saw an OCer who was riding a Segway... Never saw someone do that! Would it be anyone here?
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    OCing after hernia surgery

    So I just had hernia surgery yesterday (Monday) afternoon. It was on my lower abdomen near the crease of my right leg and low abdomen. I'm gonna be stuck at home not doing much for the better part of a week. I've been told not to do anything strenuous for three weeks. My everyday carry is a...
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    Sunnyside Beach Park in violation of preemption

    I'm at Sunnyside Beach OCing right now, their signage prohibits firearms. Looks to be run by the city of Steilacoom. I'll be contacting people to get the sign changed. Anyone in the area is welcome to join.
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    Long Lake Port Orchard OC

    Gonna be fishing at Long Lake in Port Orchard today, should be there by 3:30pm at the latest. Anyone in the area wanna join? Posted from my HTC Incredible using Tapatalk
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    Porcupine 411

    Should we look into this? http://porcupine411.com/ Porcupine 411 is basically an audio recording and distribution service. Call in with your phone and it starts recording at a remote location, then it emails a copy to everyone on the email list. They set up a site and phone number for us and...
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    February Puyallup WAC show - 26th and 27th

    Didn't see a thread about it, so I figured I'd make one. I'm planning on being at the Puyallup WAC show this weekend. Anyone else? I still have a little bit on my Starbucks gift card, I can afford coffee beforehand or afterward.
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    OC News story, Kiro7 at 8pm 10/2/10

    Just received word from M1gunr that the upcoming news story from our OC meetup today at Starbucks will air on Kiro 7 tonight at 8pm. Great meet today, guys! One of the shift managers at Starbucks approached devildoc5 and I and thanked us for everyone being really cool and respectful! She...
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    Cabela's OC

    Genkin, me, devildoc5 and Goose after the Vancouver picnic at Lacey Cabela's
  9. 4

    OC at County-City building in Tacoma

    I am about to go to the county city building in Tacoma with a friend to get his CPL. I'll have video going, and gogodawgs wanted to attend as well. PM sent, hopefully we'll have an uneventful visit. Will report back with results. My phone decided to not record everything, apps crashed and...
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    my very first unicorn spotting

    I was leaving the Lowe's in Olympia off of exit 109, and as I was about to turn left onto the main road, I saw a unicorn off to my right! He turned the corner and disappeaared, must have gone into Starbucks. Was it anyone here? Happened maybe 10 miutes ago.
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    Gonna OC in Kalifornia

    I am on a road trip to Kalifornia this week with family until Saturday. One of my personal goals is to OC in CA. Hopefully I can provide pics or video of it. Stay tuned, but understand if I don't get any media uploaded for you to see, as it will be a busy week for me. I shall attempt OC in...
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    Visiting Arcata from Washington

    Hey all, I'll be coming from Washington to visit my uncle in Arcata. I'll arrive tomorrow, the 17th, and leave Saturday. Are any of you in the area? I'd love to get together for an OC meet sometime during the week. Unloaded open carry is gonna feel awfully weird to me, but it's better than none...
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    Upgraded my OC gear!

    So my old belt was falling apart, ready to tear straight across at two or three of the holes. It wasn't made for carrying, so it was bound to happen sooner or later. I had looked at belts on occasion and found decent looking ones to be in the $20 range. I went to Quantico Tactical today and...
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    New OC piece...

    Springfield Armory 1911-A1 loaded with Speer Gold Dots. One Chip McCormick 10 rounder and two factory 7 rounders. Cocked, locked and ready to rock! Time for a name change...
  15. 4

    Holster suggestions for pistol with flashlight?

    I recently acquired an Insight M3 flashlight and I love the fit on my Glock 19. Any suggestions for holsters that will fit my Glock 19 with the flashlight? Initially I'm thinking Blackhawk! or BladeTech. Any and all other feedback is appreciated, as long as it's constructive! :D
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    Interesting experience at Lakewood Verizon store

    imported post My mother and I are on a family share plan with Verizon and we're due for phone upgrades. Aside from the sweet deal we're getting on Motorola Droids, I have an interesting experience to share. I went in OC, we were looking at the Droid phone, and the security guard comes over...
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    Lakewood OC meetup!

    imported post I just finished finals, and with the new arrival of someone from Lakewood, I think we ought to have a little get together! So far we have gogodawgs and devildoc5. TODAY 6-9-10 AT 5PM LOCATION: http://www.starbucks.com/store/13038 100th & Bridgeport Way 5700 100th Street...
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    An essay on open carry

    imported post I wrote my final paper for my English 101 class about open carry. Take a look and tell me what you think. Six pages long including the works cited page, five pages if you don't care about sources. It's in MLA format. EDIT: Now in OpenOffice flavor...
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    True vehiclular open carry!

    imported post Might be buying this bike from my neighbor. Better for true vehicular open carry!
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    OC experience at Walgreens

    imported post Went to my local Walgreens in Lakewood off of Hipkins and Steilacoom Blvd around 9pm for a few things, as I finished ringing up a guy put his stuff on the counter and the conversation went something like this: "Hey, you Dirty Harry or something?" "Nope, Dirty Harry carried a 44...