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Search results

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    Gun ID experts. See if you can help me figure out what I saw.

    Probably was an H&K USP. Available in two tone finish and use plastic mags.
  2. M

    Costco Henderson

    Found this .pdf Costco Membership Agreement. Note: dated Nov 1, 2011 and the words gun, firearm or weapon DO NOT appear anywhere in this document.
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    Pumpkin carving WIN.

    Found this one on Facebook.
  4. M

    Rick Perry for President?

    My dad sent me this pic....
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    OC'd today!

    In Albuquerque for the weekend and gave OC a try. No body said anything!! But that could have been because I was at Founders Ranch shooting all day. :lol:
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    Let's post funny pro gun pictures

    Found these on epicfail.blog
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    When, How & Why was open carry banned in Texas??

    Can any one cite the law in Texas that specifically banned open carry? And when was it?
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    OT- Howdy from Texas

    Just wanted to say howdy! I was out in NM over the weekend of 8-14/15 for a match at Founders Ranch. Had a GREAT time. It sure was dry compared to the Houston area! I didn't OC but since my Texas carry liscense is good there I CC'd the whole time. Never had a problem, just one bug-eyed look as I...