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    Incorporation Continued

    imported post I'm curious as to how the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Circuits could be suited for 2nd Amendment incorporation, in light of the race to the Supremes possibly taking a long time and subject to obstacles and changes in the weather. We're on the winning streak right now so obviously what we...
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    SAF, Calguns Challenge Arbitrary Denial of Right to Bear Arms In California

    imported post BELLEVUE, WA and REDWOOD CITY, CA – The Second Amendment Foundation, The Calguns Foundation and three California residents today filed a lawsuit seeking to vindicate the right to bear arms against arbitrary state infringement. Nearly all states allow qualified law-abiding...
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    The New York problem

    imported post I'm trying to do some legal research on why NY is so darn problematic on getting their gun laws struck. It doesn't help, of course, that we have only had Heller for a year or so and thus far the only court challenge based on it is the half baked Maloney case. But apparently the...
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    SAF & CGF Challenge California Handgun "Safe List"

    imported post SAF, CALGUNS FOUNDATION CHALLENGES CALIFORNIA HANDGUN BAN SCHEME For Immediate Release: 4/30/2009 BELLEVUE, WA and REDWOOD CITY, CA – The Second Amendment Foundation, The Calguns Foundation and four California residents today filed a lawsuit challenging a California state law...
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    Not a Dime Campaign

    imported post It is obvious we as gun owners need to do something drastic and visible these days to stand up for our rights. I just thought of a way we can do that, and guess what, it's free!!!! How would you like to make a strong public statement that actually saves you money? I'd venture to...
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    Californians for Concealed Carry Rights

    imported post Ok, so I know this is more about carry rights in general, but still I think you get the point. The sequel to the highly successful Students for Concealed Carry on Campus is up and running on Facebook as of last night. Californians for Concealed Carry Rights is our work continuing...
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    Breaking Barriers

    imported post Something I realized recently is that we not only need the people exactly where we are at the time to support us, but also members of our families as well. Their vote counts just as much as your or mine, they talk a lot, know a lot of people and talk to them, and so on. I've been...
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    Puerto Rico carry?

    imported post My lady and I may be planning our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. A little research has shown me this little nugget: http://www.atf.gov/firearms/statelaw...uerto_rico.pdf. Now if I'm reading this right, it says: 1. $100 fee in the form of a tax stamp bought from PR police 2. clean...