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    Some decent gun bills this year

    Hey all, I know it's been a while since I've been here. I've been inactive for quite a while. I probably still will be mostly inactive, but would love to catch up with some old friends and meet some new faces if anyone is down for a strip walk... Anyway, I've noticed a few pretty decent gun...
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    Tim Farrell for Assembly District 10

    Hi folks, I know it's been a long time since I've posted, as I've been busy working on work, school, and as many of you already know, my campaign for State Assembly. The campaign is going well, but I need to ask for some financial assistance. I'm preparing to send out some mailers to my...
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    Anti Violence Candlelight Vigil on January 8

    What: Anti-Violence Candlelight Vigil Where: Fremont Street Experience, 3rd Street stage When: January 8, 6pm Who: Sponsored by Guerrilla Lawfare Why: In memory of those who lost their lives or were injured by the violent shooting on January 8 last year. We are holding a candlelight vigil on...
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    Las Vegas Police host Graffiti CLeanup

    Saturday, March 19 9am - 12pm Lake Mead & Marion in Northeast http://twitpic.com/4a4ov2 If anyone is interested, might be a good opportunity to do some good for the community while also promoting OC.
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    Suspicionless stops - Las Vegas's turn

    Tonight (Friday night), there will be a DUI roadblock at Flamingo & Boulder Hwy. Last time they had one there, it was the southbound lanes of Boulder Highway just north of Flamingo. No promises it'll be in the exact same location. I'll be there, OC, protesting the erosion of our freedoms. I...
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    Monthly Open Carry Lunch

    I propose we meet monthly for an Open Carry lunch get together. We'll meet the first Saturday of every month at 11:30 AM. We can vary the location as we find OC friendly restaurants. We'll select the following month's OC meet location over lunch. In honor of our new tradition, I remind...
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    OC Coffee with the Mayor

    imported post Las Vegas residents are invited to enjoy coffee and conversation with Mayor Oscar B. Goodman at the Starbuck’s located at 591 N. Eastern Ave. on Friday, May 7, from 8:30 to 10 a.m. This Coffee with the Mayor session will take place in Ward 3, and Mayor Pro Tem Gary Reese is...
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    Metro Cop Shot

    imported post http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/mar/23/police-las-vegas-officer-shot-sent-to-hospital/ This is less than a block from the FootHills Express Casino where we met for dinner after our Fremont Street get-together.
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    Strip Meetup

    imported post I know many of you will be meeting Saturday afternoon for range day to throw around some hot lead. I can't make it during the afternoon since I work nights and I'm asleep at that time, but I'd love to see you all on the strip afterwards... We'll meet at 7PM at the McDonalds in...
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    Pahrump Shoot

    imported post No better way to spend a Sunday than shooting in the desert! NV Shooters has organized a shoot out in Pahrump next week. Here's the link: http://nevadashooters.com/showthread.php?t=7919 It's the Rambo Range, which can be found on this link...
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    Reminder: OC meet up on Fremont St Saturday evening

    imported post Reminder: We are meeting at the Fremont Street Experience at 7pm Saturday Jan 30, at the corner of Fremont & Main between the Golden Gate and Las Vegas Club. This is KID FRIENDLY as well assuming you aren't going to be gambling. There are two live music stages: 7-11 pm "Man on...
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    Open Carry Get Together

    imported post After our success on the strip, I'd like to continue this momentum and meet again soon! We'll be meeting at Fremont Street Experience on Saturday night Jan 30 at 7PM. Let's meet on the west end (closest to the Plaza while still under the canopy) at Main & Fremont between Las...
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    Metro Strikes again

    imported post Read this story if you are having any doubts about protesting with me on the strip Saturday night. http://www.lvrj.com/opinion/handcuffed-disarmed-for-obeying-the-law-81088092.html
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    Friday night shooting on Strip

    imported post http://www.lvrj.com/news/breaking_news/59143567.html
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    Las Vegas Robberies

    imported post http://www.fox5vegas.com/news/20732358/detail.html LAS VEGAS -- [/b]Metro police are looking for two men and a woman who have been robbing people at gunpoint in parking garages and parking lots of Las Vegas Valley casinos. Police said the robberies are occurring between midnight...
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    Gun Buy Back Program

    imported post Let's help rid our streets of evil guns and institute a GUN BUY BACK program! We can setup a booth, pay cash or gift cards for guns. Then, we can recondition them, keep the ones we want, and sell the rest for profit. Contribute to a legal fund for when one of us gets arrested and...
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    Request for opinion from NV Atty General

    imported post This is LONG but well worth the read.
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    Web Site Problems

    imported post I cannot access this site from my home computer, it tells me it can't reach the site and I can't ping it. I have to connect from another computer or through a proxy. I use Cox cable modem and their support said they can reach the site so it's a problem on my computer. Does this...
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    Detained on the strip

    imported post This is the content of a complaint form I just sent to the FBI, Internal Affairs, and Citizens Review Board. This situation mimics very closely what DONT TREAD ON ME went through in NW Las Vegas a few weeks back, including the unloading of my weapon and making me play hide and go...