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  1. Tom Maassen

    Can anyone make a suggestion?

    I've been reading through the forums, and it seems like everyone is up in the air on this. Obviously, I would like to apply for my CC permit. I am planning on being at the DOJ with everyone else Nov. 1 to hand in my application. I'm even planning on bringing my laptop and printer out to print...
  2. Tom Maassen

    Met a guy at the Pewaukee picnic Sunday....

    He was walking around with a Glock 22 .40 that he was trying to sell. Meant to grab his number before I left and totally forgot. Anyone know who he was and how to get a hold of him? Like a moron, I forgot his name (my daughter was with me and she was driving me nuts) I may have found a...
  3. Tom Maassen

    Anyone going to the cookout today in Pewaukee?

    Looks like my plans changed at the last second, and I'm heading up there with my daughter. Hope to see everyone there!
  4. Tom Maassen

    Gun thread

    On a side note, yesterday I FINALLY found a Viridian C5 laser sight and holster for my Taurus. Found tons of laser sights, found tons of holsters, but I just couldn't find a combo that was compatible with each other in a SERPA config Took it out to the range yesterday, and was super...
  5. Tom Maassen

    Gun thread

    Just for you boss......
  6. Tom Maassen

    NRA-ILA Right To Carry Workshops Across WI - I'm going to Baldwin 7/24

    My new walking cane..... In case I run out of bullets, I can just swing it like a club.....
  7. Tom Maassen

    removing the purchase delay in WI law

    Well, maybe not a red flag, but should at least raise an eyebrow. Wal-mart doesn't stock that much ammo (at least the one by me). hehehe my new CC piece.
  8. Tom Maassen

    Instructors Run Rampant In Wisconsin!!!

    And, of course, don't forget your shooting glasses!!!!
  9. Tom Maassen

    Voice Recorder App for the Droid

    Voice Recorder from Android Market This is a handy voice recorder app for the Droid OS platform. This app allows you to upload a recorded conversation to your email. Currently you have to elect to upload the conversation once it is completed, however I've been in contact with the developer...