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  1. ADulay

    2023 Statute change

    Thanks. I was obviously leaning that way but was starting to get bogged down doing many searches for valid definitions under law of the "notwithstanding" verbiage. AD
  2. ADulay

    2023 Statute change

    This is a question about the recent change to 790.25. In my position it involves whether or not the provisions of 790.053 still apply under the new declaration of 790.25. For those who are still reading, 790.053 is the prohibition of open carry in Florida. 2022 Statute 790.25 (3) LAWFUL...
  3. ADulay

    Constitutional Carry Bill

    Yes, we're still beholden to the Mouse and the Florida Retail associations. But it is a small step forward. AD
  4. ADulay

    Open Carry is legal around the country

    The funny thing is that although I started this thread 7 years ago (😱) pretty much nothing has changed and I'm still OC'ing on a daily basis with zero problems. The legislators can bring up new business but in the end, it boils down to a single individual lawmaker to "decide" if it gets moved...
  5. ADulay

    NRA Women ~ 'To open carry or not to open carry' article

    I just read that article this morning and was glad it did not have any of the hysterical gun grabbing stories inserted. Overall it was a pretty bland article, but I think it was for the Women's NRA magazine so it was toned down nicely. AD
  6. ADulay

    FL Rep. David Smith: "OC would spook tourists!"

    Open carry in Florida, at least in my area of SW Florida is basically a non-event and has been for many years now. I dress normally and ride on the motorcycle every day, open carrying. If there was going to be a public panic, I'm sure those people on their cell phones that are tied up in...
  7. ADulay

    open note to admin

    Very true. When I was actively running another site, it took twice daily (at a minimum) maintenance for spammers and the like. Easy enough to do, but it had to be done. AD
  8. ADulay

    MSP Airport carry

    In MSP, after filling out the red card, the agent and myself went to the separate TSA area and I was escorted inside a secure area. The TSA agent asked me to open the box and then show that it was clear by racking the slide, showing that it was clear and then releasing the slide to put the...
  9. ADulay

    MSP Airport carry

    Completed the trip up and back from Florida. No problems with checking in the guns at either end although the airport (MSP) TSA people did have me open the box for the gun and confirm that it was unloaded. Open carried probably 95% of the time with zero problems including some type of local...
  10. ADulay

    MSP Airport carry

    OK. It looks like I found most of the same information and wanted to make sure I haven't missed anything. Thanks. AD
  11. ADulay

    MSP Airport carry

    Wanted to check with the Minnesota people to confirm that carrying of your personal sidearm is authorized inside the MSP airport (not the sterile area) when picking up and dropping off passengers for regular flights. I know I did it several years ago but with an upcoming trip I wanted to check...
  12. ADulay

    Got the traveling bug...

    Ride, always. The adventure of Sturgis is the ride, not trailering the thing and then posing around town. Every year it's about 5000 to 9000 miles, depending on how far west we wind up before making the turn back towards the Dakotas. AD
  13. ADulay

    Got the traveling bug...

    Just finished up my annual western motorcycle trip out to Sturgis and points north and west from here in Florida. OC 24/7 and not a single problem. Did get one "thurmbs up" from a trooper in New Mexico at a gas stop. Did everything normally including big box stores, malls, fast food and...
  14. ADulay

    OR man slides Glock inside his waistband - yepper he did!

    And I'm guessing "no holster" was involved in this little bit of stupidity. AD
  15. ADulay

    Rifle Open Carry Question

    Thanks for the pointer. I'll check it out. AD
  16. ADulay

    Rifle Open Carry Question

    Solus, Yes, that's how I've read the statute (790.053(2) also and I have to say that the openly carried AR (slung or not) is not legal in Florida. Perhaps the news video feed that I see is not from Florida but I'll have to watch it a bit closer next time. At least I'm reading the...
  17. ADulay

    Rifle Open Carry Question

    All, A person recently asked me if it was legal to openly carry a rifle in Florida. After explaining the usual "handgun" exemptions for open carry, I started to think about it and said I wasn't sure. I know you can open carry a rifle (shotgun, bow, etc) in a vehicle with or without a...
  18. ADulay

    Open Carry in Practice: Who's done it? | Vigilance Elite

    Your experiences are very similar to mine. The thing I hear the most from people asking questions is "I didn't know you could do that." AD
  19. ADulay

    Bloomberg Opinion article: The Dangerous Theater of Open Carry

    Having read the one sided article just now, they never mentioned people who open carry merely because it is their preferred method. No hero complex. No showing off. No big ego stroking. It's just the way I carry. Period. AD
  20. ADulay

    Healthcare anti-firearm rhetoric is alive and well

    Absolutely, 100% correct. AD