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  1. Cobra469

    Michigan laws

    I will be traveling to Detroit this weekend and was wanting to find information on where I cannot carry openly or concealed. I have a valid WI permit and know that I will be visiting a plce that serves alcohol. I do not drink personally but am under the impression that with my concealed...
  2. Cobra469

    NRA RSO help

    I am taking the NRA RSO home study course. I think I have answered everything properly but was wondering if another RSO or Chief RSO might overlook my test and let me know if I am off on something. Let me know and I can email it in pdf.
  3. Cobra469

    NFA Gun Trust

    Anybody here have a NFA Gun Trust setup by an attorney? I am trying to find some recommendations so I can figure out what it will cost. Also is it a good idea to transfer pistols and rifles into this type of trust even if it isn't needed?
  4. Cobra469

    Need another perspective

    Ok. So some interesting events have happened recently with my sister. Last year she got into a fight with her boyfriend when she had to defend herself physically. They arrested her because of her attitude towards the officers. Well since she now has no home I rent out a room to her in...
  5. Cobra469

    Teens allege man pointed gun at them

    http://www.livinglakecountry.com/lakecountryreporter/news/99241559.html Delafield Teens allege man pointed gun at them Leader of closing gun club accused for threat By Kelly Smith Posted: July 26, 2010 City of Delafield — One of the leaders of the movement to shut down a local gun club has...
  6. Cobra469

    Just had a police encounter

    imported post Well this morning I was out in my yard pulling out the old bike so I can go to work later. Had my 2 dogs outside with me when I heard some rustling of the leaves in my driveway. My Australian Shepard/beagle mix ran to the corner of the house barking to let me know somebody was...
  7. Cobra469

    My first response from OC

    imported post Well today I had my first major response to my carrying a firearm. I mean major because they actually had something to say rather than just look and beat around the bush about it. I went to Chase Bank on South 6th to deposit my 2 weeks of paychecks so I can pay the masses. Walked...
  8. Cobra469

    Why we carry for protection

    imported post Anybody know what Target's policy is regarding lawfull carry of a firearm? Just curious as this is a great example of why we might need to defend ourselves and/or bystanders in a very public area. Also trying to figure out if the last statement that the officer was "authorized" to...
  9. Cobra469

    Gun owner's conviction overturned

    imported post http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/90900364.html Alan Klebig hung dozens of squirrel tails and shiny CDs around his Watertown yard, monitored it with security cameras and kept containers of unlabeled caustic chemicals around his house. He also had a couple of dozen guns...
  10. Cobra469

    Dumb Criminal

    imported post Have to say not the smartest criminal out there. But maybe one of the more polite? http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_ODD_WRONG_HOME_INVADED?SITE=WIMIL&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) -- Police said a man entered the bedroom of a home while the...
  11. Cobra469

    Iowa woman, 89, grabs handgun and fires a single shot at intruder who kicked in her door

    imported post http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/O/ODD_ELDERLY_WOMAN_INTRUDER?SITE=WIMIL&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- An elderly Des Moines woman used a handgun to ward off a man who bashed in the front door of her home. Beatrice Turner said the man pounded on her...
  12. Cobra469

    carrying at a place that serves alcohol

    imported post Ok so in accordance with 941.237(d) or (g) the owner or manager may allow for the OC of a firearm in a facility with a class B liquor license. I understand that part g states that it can be authorized for a specific event or time frame. Part D is that an employee or "agent" may...
  13. Cobra469

    CC on private property questions.

    imported post That is why i said I was asking because I couldn't cite any case law. So rather than state it as factual I was trying to find out if anybody else could. When I originally got the impression about being able to carry concealed on private property was about 6 years ago when my...
  14. Cobra469

    JS story on Concealed Carry

    imported post Thought I should share this story from Journal Sentinal that I just stumbled on. http://www.jsonline.com/news/opinion/83069452.html Two prominent law enforcement officials are ready to back Wisconsinites' ability to carry concealed handguns with a permit if the law includes...
  15. Cobra469

    Vehicular lock box suggestions

    imported post I am looking for things to consider when picking a lock box I can secure my weapon in during transport. My state requires me to have it out of reach and in an "enclosed case" I figure a mounted lock box in my trunk would be the best way to go. This will give me the security when I...
  16. Cobra469

    OC while on motorcycle

    imported post Just a quick question but wouldn't a motorcycle constitute as transporting? Or is it considered non-concealed since the vehicle itself does not block the view of the weapon? Just wondering how much of a grey area this is as my state does not allow for OC during transport. I know...